a real friend? who can i trust?

are real friends still exist? how to tell if someone’s trustworthy enough to keep as a friend? let’s go! ok so what i’ve learned is to trust my heart feelings. when you’re confused or when your ego is bamboozled by anything in the physical form, gently place your palm on your heart chakra area, yourContinue reading “a real friend? who can i trust?”

cyberpunk 2077 = transphobic?

before getting straight into the topic (wow that’s a first and totally not my style), ima give u 3 pieces that came from my life’s experiences. in the end you’ll be able to put the pieces together and understand what i’m tryna say (hopefully). ❕piece #️⃣1️⃣when i was doing my driving test, the lovely gentlemanContinue reading “cyberpunk 2077 = transphobic?”

double negative = positive?

in maths, yes. in manifesting what you want in life? not really. comparing these two sentences: 1. i’m not gonna fail my maths exam 🙃2. i’m gonna pass my maths exam 😌even though they convey the same meaning, it’s not hard to tell sentence number two is a lot more positive. therefore, when y’all areContinue reading “double negative = positive?”

菲菲 i love u

菲菲,很抱歉这么久没时间跟你联系。。虽然很短暂,但是我依然很珍惜我们在一起的时光。我和你的回忆全都是快乐的。 你的坚强,你的正能量,你的责任心始终激励着我。从我遇见你的那天起我就知道,我的人生永远改变了。因此我非常感恩也非常荣幸此生能遇见你。 当时看到你的身体恢复得很好,我就放心了。每天都相信奇迹,相信痊愈,我就去忙自己的事情。现在才知道友情是多重要。我忘了,花总是需要灌溉,光顾着自己的事。现在才发现和亲人,朋友在一起,给大家带欢乐是多重要的事情。 我看开了很多事情,所以我以后也学着不跟别人计较了,能宽容就宽容。现在更加发现人生说长很长,其实也不长。更加发现珍惜每一天,珍惜身边人的重要性。一切都想开,每天都快乐,给身边人带来欢乐是我最大的幸福了。我不能逃避悲伤,我要将爱的种子撒向人间。 希望你能在更高的次元看见我写的这个。你在那边一定要幸福!你的正能量像阳光一样照亮我们!病痛已经影响不到你,而且还有这么多爱你的人祝福你,没有人责怪你,所以一定要放下包袱,开心每一天!如果你转世的话一定要告诉我,我们还是好朋友!💖