a real friend? who can i trust?

are real friends still exist? how to tell if someone’s trustworthy enough to keep as a friend? let’s go!

ok so what i’ve learned is to trust my heart feelings. when you’re confused or when your ego is bamboozled by anything in the physical form, gently place your palm on your heart chakra area, your heart center, and ask him/her ‘ayoo is this person trustworthy?’ or ‘ayoo, should i keep this person as a friend?’ and you’ll hear a gentle whisper from the back of your head with a yes or no answer. your heart never lies, he/she knows exactly what’s the best for you, and this is the dopest shortcut to get any answers at all.

woo-woo stuffs aside, let’s look at some case studies.

case study 1:

i’d say, a big warning sign that somebody isn’t trustworthy, or isn’t worthy to be your friend, when they associate themselves with people that have hurt you on a deep emotional level. i totes get it, this person might mean a lot to you, and you respect and love them unconditionally, you might even be a bit emotionally attached to them.. but when this happens, i’d say, RUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

imo we should not associate ourselves with a traitor, not even anyone that associate themselves with a traitor who have not directly betrayed you (but it kinda makes them traitors as well, innit?)
so here’s what happened to back it up:
a few years ago when i was younger and dumber, i got cyber bullied by someone. that someone was my ex’s opposite-sex friend. in the beginning my ex told them to show more respect for people, but then as soon as i started showing kindness, both of them started gaslighting me and blamed everything on me for ‘starting’ it. they desperately needed an excuse to justify their wrong-doings and used loads of excuses to ‘prove’ that i was the bad person that caused all this drama. they forced me to apologize and when they got what they wanted, my ex started using this incident over and over again as a threat and forced me into doing what they wanted multiple times.
my ex even said they’re not associated with this friend in any way against me, it is us that stuck them in the middle, and my ex literally claimed to be the ‘victim’ of us. that was just bizarre.
then after i broke up with my ex, i realized they were teaming up against me the whole time! they knew exactly i was a really kind and compassionate person and they teamed up to manipulate me into buying my ex a gaming console and multiple games. i did way more than what i disclose here, btw. oh the worst part is that they both see each other behind my back, even during the whole drama, AND they have sex. yeah! i was THAT dumb.
now you see, even if you try to think of the best in a ‘friend’, even when your heart is pure and forgiving, friendship with someone that associate themselves with a traitor, or somebody that have hurt you on a deep emotional level, will NEVER end well.

case study 2:
same back story as case study 1, but somebody else is involved — this person was a same-sex friend to my ex. i told them that i broke up with my ex and they knew the back story and they even knew what the other person did to me (they witnessed the whole cyber bullying incidents). so this person showed a lot of understanding towards me and stuff.. and they even suggested to disassociate with my ex on every social media accounts coz it’s just not worth it to go through all the pain again. i thought o dip, so this person is a real friend! woo!
THEN WHAT! then i noticed this person still follows my ex on ALL OF THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS! and by being a mutual follower of me and my ex, my new accounts were exposed at the risk of my un-blocked-ex’s accounts!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW P!SSED I WAS WHEN I FOUND THAT OUT!!!!!!! i blocked this person INSTANTLY!!! ON EVERYTHING!!! coz i’ve had it with my ex, and i just know that BEING FRIENDS WITH TRAITORS NEVER END WELL!
PLUS, this person really got us bamboozled once! they literally took advantage of a friend of mine, a minor, to do artworks FOR FREE for their video game! and that video game’s whole storyline is literally my idea! and at first they agreed to publish and sell the game for profit, but half way into working on it, they LITERALLY CHANGED THEIR MIND AND REFUSED TO MAKE MONEY OUTTA IT! AND A MONTH LATER THEY GOT BORED WITH US AND LITERALLY WOULDN’T EVEN PUBLISH THE GAME! AYOO, YOU WASTED MY TIME OK!!!!!!!
yep, BLOCK!
i coulda done the game myself. i’m a good artist and a very imaginative writer. all i gotta do now is to change the storyline back to what I FXCKING BELIEVE IN, WITH ALL THE CORRECT CONVERSATIONS BEFORE U CHANGED IT INTO SOME BORING BS THAT MADE SURE SHET WOULD NOT SELL!
ayoo this person literally fxcked me up before that (also when i was younger and dumber) — they paid me nothing for translating their whole game into foreign languages VS they paid some dude on Fivrr to do the same translation ENTIRELY USING GOOGLE TRANSLATE, for almost $300!!!
ok shet friends like that, NEVER END WELL, i’m just so proud that i woke up earlier and blocked them JUST IN TIME!

guys, the more you do this the easier it gets — you’ll be very experienced in telling whether someone is trustworthy or not. i’m only sharing the tip of the iceberg. there’s millions and zillions of scenarios out there and it really takes experience to be good at it. and when all logic fails, ask your heart — she/he never lies!

u got this! there are still good people worthy of your trust! no matter how many mistakes you’ve made (which we all do), the important thing is to prioritize your happiness and never let past experiences stop you from opening your heart to new people and new opportunities!

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