why don’t i trust serious people?

unlike the mind that are constructed by thoughts, your Conscious Awareness is constant and never seizes to exist. the sense of ‘I AM’ or ‘I EXIST’ is constant in everyone and everything (because that’s how God feels — and remember what i said in an earlier blog, God is our highest Self).

the purest version of the sense and your experience of ‘I AM’ is with little ego, it is before other people and the society ruined it for you, it is when you were an innocent kid. i doubt your feeling of existence or the feeling of ‘me’ is different now than when you were a kid. like i said, Conscious Awareness is constant and the feeling of ‘I EXIST’ is the same no matter how old you get. you might take up on roles later on in life and pick up what the society and other people expect of you (and you went from an innocent kid to ‘a mother’ or ‘a father’ or ‘that cool kid at school’ or ‘the awesomest co-worker’ or later on, ‘the cool grandparent’), and you impose these qualities and force yourself to act according to what others expect of your role. but you know deep down you’re still you, and you know what that real you is like, but because you give a shit about what others think of you, you don’t act who you are anymore and you even think acting authentically isn’t good enough for the role you’re in. you might even find yourself having ‘multiple personalities’ when it comes to others’ expectations — you act differently while with your partner than when you’re with your kids or with your boss. WOAH! so which one is the real you? NONE OF THEM, lol..

my guru once said ‘ayoo it’s toxci to live a life that isn’t authentic. it’s actually pretty self-destructive to deny your true nature’. ayoo, dis is so tru bro! you might think acting your innocent self is ‘childish’, but i reckon child-like is a complete different thing than childish. childish is Crusty — someone who gets everyone bamboozled and blames others and the society for his own problems. he would go on making all these mistakes and never willing to learn from them, simply because he’s an irresponsible person. that’s childish. but child-like is a person full of love and trust for others, without ill intentions behind what they do, always giving their best and always believe the best in others. this person is youthful and looks and acts younger than their ‘physical age’. this person is energetic 258. this person is the 10% of the world population that wakes up happy, lol.. this person is generous and gives more than they take. this person is trustworthy because when you see them you know what you see is what you get. this person is positive, carries uplifting vibes and lights up a room the moment they walks into it. this person is humorous and comforting and do everything they could when their friend is in pain. now, THAT, is child-LIKE.

so why don’t i trust serious people? first of all, i have no problem with them, i actually find them pretty hawt in a way. i put it that way to show you this: if our nature is child-like, then these serious peeps must be putting on a mask! they give too much shits about what others think of them and what the society expect from them. the more serious/grown-up someone is, the thicker the mask is — this is an unfailing truth. not saying they want to — deep down they’re fucked and in a lotta pain, but their mask is too thick for them to even realize this themselves.

ok, you might argue ‘ok bruh, how do you know acting all serious and ‘grown-up’ isn’t our true nature? how are you so confident in claiming ‘child-like’ is the way?’ ok, nice try bruh! but let me tell you, child-like IS the way! that’s why you see loadsa old peeps be acting like kids! we even have well-known phrases that describe this phenomenon: ‘old kids gang’. it’s more obvious in people suffering dementia or memory loss — coz they return to their true nature without the attachments to their memories of who they were. what did they return to without the false identity or ego that masks out their true nature? child-like peeps!

i reckon everyone should just tear down their wall they’ve built up against others and create real harmony within themselves as well as in the world in relations with other people and other planets. your mask helped no one and never served yourself either. i know exactly why you have that mask on so i want you to look inward and revive your inner truth — tell your inner child it is ok to make mistakes (because people that don’t make mistakes are the ones that never tried anything, so the more mistakes you make, the more of a legend you’ve proven yourself to be — i’ll always say this: i’d rather making mistakes 258 than not living life at all), oh and remember, you’re loved when you’re your authentic self — because when you vibrate and radiate fully who you really are, you’ll attract your real soul tribe into your life — lifelong friends that love you for WHO YOU REALLY ARE! your mask only attracted fake people that pretended to adore your mask. those friendships, clients or business partners never last. and if they’re your students, they prolly hate you, lol.. from my experience, all the teachers that are popular or loved by their students are the ones that are caring, playful and humorous (child-like peeps).

i’m enlightened and i’ve got life all figured out. when i see serious peeps i just instantly know, the thicker their mask is, the bigger their insecurities are, and the more hugs they need. u can’t fool me, so u either go on wearing that mask of a serious grown-up, and let me read all your insecurities, or you be your true self. always remember to love yourself! someone that loves themselves would never wear a thick mask, because they honor and respect their true selves too much to pretend to be something that they’re not!

a word to serious grown-ups: i don’t hate u. i love y’all. and actually this blog is mainly for y’all who need to free ya selves! be happy and love yourselves now! honor and respect your true nature! who gives a shit about what others think! it’s their problem not ours!

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