why don’t people choose happiness now?

happiness is free. why then so many people don’t choose it? let’s talk about it!

happiness is everywhere, at all times — it’s proven by the fact that there are happy people everywhere and you may come across them anytime. AND, as a bonus, happiness is free, then why so many people choose not to choose it?

it’s such a sad phenomenon when you see people can just effortlessly throw at you 20 reasons not to be happy, or not to love themselves, or why other people or the world should hate them, but 0 reasons why they should be happy, they should be loved and they should enjoy life (which is the universal truth).

our souls are programmed to be happy, that’s why everyone’s searching for it. better jobs, better partner, better lifestyle — they’re all signs of us remembering that we did indeed come from higher dimensions and we’re here to create a reality of happiness. but along the way and due to the side effects of our 3D world, we have forgotten how! and that’s why in the modern day world we see the majority of people feeling confused and lost, they’ve identified with a false identity of unhappiness by holding onto petty things that shouldn’t matter; they don’t know what they’re doing in their lives coz they never set goals and they never feel they’re good enough to ask the universe for abundance; they certainly don’t remember the ultimate divine collective purpose of Humanity, because they do not remember who they really are anymore (ayoo, just a reminder: you are an awesome person with infinite potentials, and you are loved and your dreams supported 100% by the universe 💖).

well then, even when we’re brave enough to break the chains of false beliefs that’s been holding us back, there will be people around us that try everything they can to pull us back again. i do believe they have good intentions — because changes are scary and they’re holding you back to things they know how to do or have experienced — because they can only compare life to what they know or what they have experienced. and what they know, regardless whether it’s a successful life or whether if it brings happiness (it prolly doesn’t, lol), feels familiar and thus the mind associates it with ‘safe’.

those people believe your life is supposed to be trash anyway and they influence your whole life into believing you’re not ‘good enough’ due to limiting ‘factors’ (but let me remind y’all, if these ‘factors’ are true, there wouldn’t be people with disability to thrive in life and become legends, there wouldn’t be women that end up successful and there wouldn’t be, what the society call, ‘the minority people’, to become legendary influencers. so contemplate on that)! if those people (whether your parents or teachers) are right about the ‘advice’ they’re giving you, if they have gotten life all figured out, they’d have made it! they’d be super happy and successful! BUT I DOUBT IT! because super happy people WOULD NOT GIVE YOU ADVICE FOR YOU TO NOT BE HAPPY! am i right or am i right? and why are you taking advice from people that didn’t make it? no offense to those people, i still believe their intention came from a good place.

they might tell you, if what makes you happy is the truth then most people would be doing it — and they hope to have proven that their belief in unhappiness is true. WRONG! loadsa people believed in lies before they knew the truth. have you heard? astronomers just found large amounts of gold nuggets on the moon last night! and they made billions of dollars from it! oh hey, i just made that shet up! see how easy it is for people to believe in something that’s not true? lol.. don’t worry! there will be the one that will never lie to you — and it is your heart. when you’re confused, simply gently touch your palm on your heart center and ask a yes or no question, and you’ll hear it whispering back. she/he NEVER lies to you, and she/he knows what’s the best for you and holds the ultimate truth to life!

if the most crowded road is the best way to travel to your dream destination, then 95% people woulda made it. but we only see about 10% people in the world that have either become successful or happy. even less, only 1000 people are actually fully enlightened (self-realized for eternal-bliss). you only believe in the most crowded road because the others have told you so (and most of them are unhappy with their own lives), and that the brain knows how because it can only compare life with the past and have no idea what true happiness looks like (got nothing as a reference, since it’s never experienced it). that’s why if you wanna get from A (where you are now) to B (your dream destination, having your dreams and goals fulfilled), a big leap of faith is required. and knowing the truth (that the universe loves you and supports you 100%) and when this universal truth resonates within you, you will surely achieve happiness!

ayoo, finally, just want y’all to remember how awesome and beautiful y’all are! the universe loves and supports your happiness 100%, there’s nothing to fear when you’ve decided to pursue happiness and achieving all your dopest dreams!

ily, and so does the universe 💖 so be happy now 🌟

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

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