people treat me like shit even when i’m nice?

ayo have you noticed even when all you do is to help others, they still treat you like shit? yeah, if you always notice that, you’ll notice more of that, coz your mind is so focused on noticing that, therefore that’s all you’ll notice.

your mind is a filter, whatever goes through that filter creates exactly the life you expect, and therefore it can’t help but to create a reality for you according to that filter. interestingly everyone’s filter is different, coz everyone’s mindset is different, and that’s why there are people that wake up happy and there are people that no matter how hard they try, life just seems like shit.

so why people are nasty nowadays? why are they so mean? why do they treat us like shit even though all we do is offering them love and support in every way possible? well because your mindset is shit, and you believe all the bullshit your mind tells you. so what’s the fucking solution? read on:

the solution for ‘everyone treats me like shit even though i’m tryna be nice to them’ is, when you do something nice to someone (doesn’t matter who or what they may be), do not expect shit in return! remember this! aye! do shit without any expectations at all!!! then what’s there to hurt you? NOTHING! you will be practically INVINCIBLE!!!

case study 1:
Crusty complains about the world to me a lot when i used to talk to him in the old days. he kept saying no matter how many good shit he did for friends in need, they don’t seem to be grateful enough and they never do anything equally dope in return. that’s complete bullshit! when your mind is focusing on getting shit in return after you do good shit for a friend, you’re fucked! your mind will be comparing the shit you’ve done to the reward you’re getting. Crusty’s friend literally done did the best homemade food for him after he helped them lifting a big piece of furniture, but because he doesn’t believe it matches the physical service he’s provided for free, he completely forgets about the kind act from the friend. his mind got trapped into comparison and continued to look for more shit in return, just to satisfy his own ego and fill up the void of the high expectation. no wonder he felt betrayed and hurt! what a cunt!

case study 2:
my friend bought her mom a present, but the mom was too shy to compliment on it, so the mom said ‘aw man u didn’t have to buy me stuff.. man i’m never good enough to use this on myself.. man i dunno.. man this stuff is just too fancy for an old woman like me..’ and my friend was pissed! she said ‘omg my mom is literally the most ungrateful person in the world! wish i have a better mom! when i bought her that stuff i just kinda KNEW she’d act this way again! she never shows gratitude and she’s always mean to me and she’s always nicer to my other sisters! hot dam’
dude, u do realize ya mom WAS kinda sorta tryna show gratitude but because she’s old and shy, she’s just not that type of person that hugs a daughter and screams ‘OMG THIS SHIT IS SO FUCKING DOPE OMG I HAS DA BEST DAUGHTER EVER! PRAISE DA LAWD BRUH, YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!’ dude, you were expecting an 80-year-old reserved traditional Asian woman to act all hyper.. that expectation might be something your mom will never meet lol.. just sayin.. but yeah i think deep down ya mom was grateful af! so yeah like can you like have a fresh perspective or something.. maybe like a little more understanding and a little less comparison (against ya other sisters)?

my own examples:
when i help people i don’t give a fuck if they can’t pay me back! and whenever i realize my little mothafxckn ego tryna kick in, i INTENTIONALLY do one nice shit to people i know that i would NEVER expect to pay me back — i dropped my $100 pocket money to a homeless gentleman. guess wut bruh, that dude got fucking rich and bought me the Maserati Levante that i’m driving today. not saying you should expect the same shit! what i’m saying is, unless you do shit without expectations, good shit like this will NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN TO YOU! unless the universe broke a big hole and that big motherfkn hole eats everything around it and grows bigger and bigger and causes a massive glitch in the universe and fucks everything up which this kinda bullshit would never fucking happen so please don’t put your hopes up.

if you don’t give definition to what hurts you, you will never be hurt! and any expectations that you have for the people that you have helped is you defining what hurts you (you know, things like: oh if this person don’t buy me nice cookies for me fixing his sink tap the other day, they’re a bad person).

dudes, drop ya high mothafxckn expectations! they’re prolly mostly unrealistic! and the people that you’ve helped are prolly too poor to buy you a Maserati Levante as a thank-you gift! do this self-examine: are you doing nice shit to fill up your ego-void, or are you wholeheartedly helping coz you is compassionate as fuck? when you’re doing nice shit for people without expectations, your whole soul will be set free! you will feel like OMG THIS LIFE IS HEAVEN ON EARTH AND THAT DANIEL DUDE WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!

oh dip!

the world is abundant as fuck!

the universe is the most fucking friendly universe i’ve been to!


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