trust — you already know how

guys long time no see, my life has been too awesome to just sit down and write blogs, but here i am, woo! let’s go!

one of the biggest challenges we face on a daily basis is ‘trust’. especially with the pandemic, we’re so disconnected from nature and other people, and there’s even less trust circling around. due to a shift in lifestyle (more indoor activities vs outdoor activities) contemporary humans have been disconnected from nature so much to the point we feel completely powerless when pandemic (or anything, even bad weather) happens! this powerlessness comes from the desire to have control over everything, even nature! instead of going with the flow, trusting the universe that everything will heal in nature, every bad thing will blow over, the pandemic won’t last forever (and that the powerful humanity can thrive from it, become stronger mentally and physically, more resilient, more loving and doper than ever), our minds are conditioned to choose to believe we’re doomed coz we want to get above nature and control over it just to discover that we physically can’t achieve that.

this desire to control comes from huge distrust of our universe, nature and ourselves (the ability to overcome and thrive as one awesome humanity). everyone knows distrust causes disharmony, and every motivational speaker preaches trust — they literally tell you to ‘learn’ to trust — but what if i tell you that ‘distrust’ is actually against our nature? and that by default we are actually full of trust? and that you don’t actually have to ‘learn’ it coz it already is a huge part of who you really are? and that you can naturally trust by simply letting go of fear and ego? need examples to inspire you? woo, let’s go!

why do i say trust is who we are and distrust is not? ok take a deep breath and relax with me coz ima about to reveal the dopest secret of the universe (just kidding.. just building up suspension for blog to seem interesting lol) — you already trust! all the time! literally 258 none stop! you might ask — ‘no bruh, i has trust issues, i can’t trust other humans, or nature, and i certainly don’t trust myself!’ — if that’s you, think again!

there’s immense trust going on with the simplest act such as breathing — you trust your body so much that you let yourself breathe automatically on its own! you trust the universe so much that you allow nature to provide oxygen without having to worry about where to look for it for the optimal breathing — coz you just know it’s everywhere and you just trust nature that you’ll have enough air for your breaths to take place uninterrupted!

ok second example — for the peeps that go out for work or for grocery shopping — you trust. you trust that there’s no Godzilla on the highway that destroys every car while you’re driving. and there’s immense trust going on while you’re driving — you trust that driving is a social cooperative event and that most drivers will abide to road safety laws and look out for each other (if your subconscious mind didn’t hold this cognition at all, you wouldn’t drive or even go out at all lol).

ok another example — you made it this far in life because you trusted food. you don’t consciously trust 258 but your subconscious trusted the farmers that grew the crops and you trusted the transportation peeps that moved these raw material to the factories for them to turn into the food that you eat. foods on your table is a chin reaction — there’s loadsa hard work and cooperation behind it and not one human but loadsa them were involved. you even trusted your electricity/gas company and people working behind it so you have enough resources needed to cook these foods. so each and everyday you’re trusting LOTS of humans! do you still have trust issues? against humans? think again right here bruh! replace your distrust with love and gratitude bruh! all those peeps worked hard for your lively hood, it’s such a beautiful, cooperative and gratitude-inducing world that we’re living in!

ok, ok, here’s a hardcore one for the hardcore peeps that JUST wanna prove me wrong by saying — ‘hey bruh, i don’t even go out anymore! the only place i ‘trust’ is home. therefore i stay home 258, hah! whatcha gon say about that?!’ ok bruh here — you stay home 258 because you feel safe at home, aye! you feel safe at home because you trust your home lol.. (soz i still win). you trust the universe that there’s no asteroids hitting your house! you trust the universe that it won’t remove the sun and cause the ultimate end to human lives. you still trust your own automatic breathing and oxygen like i mentioned before lol.. and you still trust in food and the humans working hard behind the scenes like i mentioned above lol..

turns out, we can’t escape trust lol.. trust is all there is! it’s 258 all the time NEVER FAILS! it’s inside, outside, everywhere, all around us! you already have your natural innate ability to trust! you don’t have to learn it, just allow it to emerge more consciously rather than trusting that it’ll work behind the scenes (lol, you even ‘trust’ the ‘trust’ — there’s really no escaping it lol). the best shortcut to fix your ‘trust’ issues (which doesn’t exist the first place, it is your mind that makes you believe that you have a trust issue) is showing more gratitude each day. loving yourself more, be grateful for even the smallest happiness in life. when you let go of the unnecessary fear that you hold onto (i’d say all fear is unnecessary but that’s prolly too hardcore for you right now so ima just hold back a little bit for now lol) and set yourself free again! it’s such a wonderful feeling when you just trust the universe and trust your immense inner powerfulness!

WOO! did i just save humanity? i say YEAHHH BRUH! at least you’re gon have a nicer day today after reading this! woo! you’re super awesome!!! be happy!!!

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