cyberpunk 2077 = transphobic?

before getting straight into the topic (wow that’s a first and totally not my style), ima give u 3 pieces that came from my life’s experiences. in the end you’ll be able to put the pieces together and understand what i’m tryna say (hopefully).

❕piece #️⃣1️⃣
when i was doing my driving test, the lovely gentleman (driving test guy? forgot the name of their role lol) asked if i had any questions before we began. so i asked ‘is it gonna be a problem if i drive too slowly?’ he smiled and said :’as long as it’s within the reasonable speed limits. just do your best. actually you can only do your best ☺️😄’

❕piece #️⃣2️⃣
i had a hater. actually i can’t even call them that. they thought i was their hater. well, either way, it wasn’t a friend. it was the person my ex used to have intimate relationships with behind my back. however, they hurt my feelings so bad that one day i called them out on twitter. guess what? the gaslighter called victim first. they said it was not ok for me to call them out in public even though they insulted me in public. guess what? i was a compassionate idiot and i apologized to them. AND guess what? they didn’t buy it — the hater hated it and they teamed up taking advantage of my sympathy and compassion and continued to do mean things to me till the very day i broke up with my ex (after finding out they were having an intimater-than-i-have-imagined-relationship behind my back).

❕piece #️⃣3️⃣
i was the most rebellious and angry kid throughout my high school years. i did NOT deliver my ideas and artistic talents the way i do today. i was the most sarcastic person in the world. however, i had one thing in common with my old self — compassion. both of us didn’t like inequality. HOWEVER, one day some school idiot misunderstood my blog (a blog expressing my extreme anger and frustration toward racist cartoons and people in general) and told everyone that I WAS RACIST MYSELF!!! they completely took EACH. AND. EVERY. WORD. out of context and completely misunderstood my sarcasm (their peabrain couldn’t understand how sarcasm works)! one single rumor-maker ruined my entire high school street cred! FOR YEARS i was in depression, asking myself ‘am i really racist? omg what have i done?!!!’ BETCH DROVE ME CRAZY!!! (i’m ok now guys, calm down)

⚠️time to put these pieces together⚠️

1️⃣ what i was tryna express in pieces number 1 is that i did read a little bit of the article about ‘why’ cyberpunk 2077 (did i get the year right? lol) is transphobic. it was such a long article about a game that i don’t wanna play (soz guys, i dunno why but i vibe with the witcher 3 better). there was so much details and it could get really technical. i’m not professionally a trans-expert, therefore loadsa aspects about the trans-community was new to me. i felt pretty ignorant myself, and i’ve realized that i coulda made a mistake myself even if i had good intentions.
i’m not endorsing or tryna excuse their ignorance but just bear with me a bit more, thanks so much for your patience — the article claimed that the whole company that made cyberpunk 2077 is transphobic and anti-LGBT. well, that claim certainly came from people that’s never played the witcher 3 — i’ve played through it and on many occasions they have raised awareness of inequality and spoke up for gender and social equality. so if you say maybe a few people from their big company that’s anti-LGBT, i can believe it. but not all of them are. when stuff happens i try my best to believe the best in people. it’s hard to do but i do it anyway. the world is going through some major shifts in ideas and healing. we need harmony and less wars against one another.
let me continue..
i believe a company that big with thousands of people to feed, doing their best to keep the success momentum (from the witcher 3) running, would NOT intentionally say transphobic things. they do NOT want to lose tens of thousands of sales. they do not want their company’s street cred ruined. therefore, with the experience i’ve had with their witcher 3, i believe their remarks were them tryna raise awareness about the trans community rather than to ridicule them. if you find it offensive, you have a point, but just bear in mind that they didn’t want to hurt you on purpose and they had good intentions. all i want to do right now is to remind you how beautiful you are and that you’re not a victim, the world doesn’t hate you. the universe loves you very much 💖
so in piece number 1, i showed an example of — you can only do your best. i believe in some way cyberpunk 2077 was tryna raise trans-awareness, and they can only do it to their best knowledge. more details later on, let’s continue..

2️⃣ in piece number 2 i mentioned an unforgiving person and how they made me feel. it is the worst feeling when you apologize to someone just to pi$$ them off even more and get even more hate upon you. the person that wrote the article did a screenshot of the company that made cyberpunk 2077 publicly apologizing for their remarks. well, by the laws of the universe, if you want kindness, you gotta treat others with kindness. they apologized and it came from love, i don’t know what to say if you continue to hold the position of ‘the victim’ and the thought that ‘the world hates us’ even after their sincere apology. you know how genuine it must be for a company with that sorta impact to PUBLICLY apologize? just a reminder: there are REAL racist companies that made fun of chinese people that NEVER apologized! the act of admitting one has done shet wrong come from integrity, compassion and courage. for that i respect their company the same way i respect how they raised awareness for gender equality in witcher 3.

3️⃣ piece number 3 is showing y’all how bad it feels for someone’s reputation to be ruined for something they didn’t intend to do. in the internet age it’s so easy to take people’s words out of context, distort them and use these words against them. like i said, when i was tryna stand up for my friends that were victims of racism, my words got taken outta context and were used against me and i was accused of being the very THING that i HATED PASSIONATELY!!! me, an anti-racism warrior, was accused of being a ‘racist’ myself! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW PAINFUL IT FEELS!!! i was in deep depression for TEN YEARS! BECAUSE THE RUINED REPUTATION DIDN’T BLOW OVER THAT EASILY!!! JUST BECAUSE A FEW SARCASTIC WORDS WERE TAKEN THE WRONG WAY AND BECAUSE ONE RUMOR-MAKER HAD TOO MUCH FUN FXCKING WITH MY LIFE!!! i’m ok now guys calm down.. what i’m tryna say is that 10 years ago people didn’t even have the balls to speak up about transgender issues, and i see cyberpunk is raising that awareness and whether they did it perfectly or not (and let’s admit it, they’re humans and we’re at an age where we’ve only been able to openly talk about it not for long, of course all ideas and all people are merging together and none of us can do it perfectly and none of us can please everyone), i believe they had integrity in their pure intentions. there are people that choose to think the worst in people, that choose to be victims, that choose to hold on to the identity of ‘the hated’, but you don’t have to. you’re a powerful creator of your reality, so please choose to create a world of harmony. when shet happens, work it out. no hate. hate doesn’t make others love you. only love and forgiveness can propel the world into a new age where everyone is in harmony with one another. like i said, even i, the most compassionate person, could be super ignorant in the area of transgender issues. and i know for sure if i’ve made an ignorant remark like that i did NOT intend to hurt people and that my heart is at a good place. and as the world is coming together, i learn and i be a better version of myself everyday. apologies is showing y’all the willingness to learn and improve. see the positive shet in everything. do it for your own good. it does nothing good for me. i’m at a good place, i’m whole and complete, i don’t need others’ attention to feel good about myself. i don’t even have to write this blog, touching on sensitive issues.. same shet could happen to me.. offend a loadsa people and have my street cred ruined again just like in high school.. but i can’t help but to share shet that might help set people free and help them stay more positive. the world really needs more positivity right now!

Crusty often accuses me of being too ‘feminine’ and too ‘dumb’ because i dunno how to fix cars. he knows how to fix cars. and i told him hey so do you know how to solve university algebra? he be like ‘betch bring it on’. i brought it on, and he didn’t know how to do it. thing is, unless you’re god herself, you might not know everything or what everyone has gone through.

some.. actually, most, companies are smart! (rather than ‘smart’, i’d call them ‘selfish’). they do NOT touch on sensitive social issues. they know for a FACT that if they do, no matter HOW they do it, it’ll backfire. there’s absolutely ZERO perfect way to go about it. u have no idea how hard it is to create a safe space for absolutely EVERYONE. it’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone. so, unlike those selfish companies that choose not to risk their reputation being ruined, cyberpunk 2077 courageously touched on the issue and raised trans-awareness. again, it’s not a game that interests me, and i am fully aware that my blog can pi$$ a lotta people off, but because of social-responsibility, and because i want people to be happy and stay positive and powerful (and less victimized), i still wrote it. just like cyberpunk, they were aware of the risks, and they still published their game.

humanity has got to work together. the pioneers in early stages will surely make mistakes but we’ve gotta work with them with open hearts. if we shut everyone off, how is the world gonna improve to your ideal world? when i volunteered with the team that cleaned our local beaches, one of us was disappointed that we gathered less trash last week than previous weeks. they were consciously looking for trash, because for them personally it felt more accomplished to clean up more trash than less trash (personal accomplishment vs universal good). as soon as i joined, there’s less trash. because i want to see a society where everyone’s consciousness raised where less people threw trash on the beach. as a result, i have successfully manifested a week with much less trash on the beach. are you consciously looking for ‘trash’ to worry about or are you paying attention on the potential goodness shaping and forming in our society? do you consciously look for people that are ‘against’ you for a good fight for your rights, or are you consciously creating (or co-creating) a world according to your ideals (where everyone is living in harmony, everyone loves one another no matter who you or anyone else are)? it’s your choice. and it’s your world to create, according to your beliefs.

i know a friend from a none-western country that clinch firmly onto her identity of ‘the victim of racism’. she literally fights everyone irl who’s ignorant. then i asked her ‘big efforts sister! so what’s the ideal world you’re tryna create? what do you DO want to see in the world, if it sucks so bad right now? what people do you want to be surrounded with? what is the ideal society that you DO want to see?’ and she paused and said ‘actually i’ve never thought about that’.

so if you want to live in a world that’s really accepting and really harmonious, at least have an idea of the ideal world that you wanna create. what does that super awesome society look like? yes you’re doing huge efforts, you are fighting for equal rights, but without a harmonious ideal society in mind, what are you fighting for? without the conscious awareness that you are helping everyone (even the people that you don’t agree with, coz they’re potential customers in your society) in creating a new world full of love and acceptance, you’d be forever in the motion of fighting. and even when someone else has done did create a perfect world like that, you would completely miss the harmonious reality and still be stuck at fighting. you might already be in heaven and completely not know it! yeah i’m saying maybe our world is ALREADY super dope!

the universe loves you very much. create love, no more hate. heal and restore harmony. ily, stay awesome aye!

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