speaking in tongues?

i might or might not have spoken or written about this topic in the past, but i want to give you an updated blog about it.

i first got the ‘inspiration’ to talk about the phenomenon of ‘speaking in tongues’ from a friend. he told me a christian person he watches on youtube ‘can speak in tongues the way jesus does it’. i was like ‘o dip🙌🏻that’s pretty cool!’ then he said ‘but they dunno what they’re talking about. guessing that’s what speaking in tongues is all about..’ that’s when i went ‘hmm…🙂🙃🤨🤔’

ok bruh, ‘just like jesus does it’? really? i mean, jesus was a real person, there’s no denying that. and he was wise and dope, there’s no denying that either, even non-christian communities that do not acknowledge him as ‘God Himself’ recognize him as a wise and scholar-like gentleman. do you really think somebody like that would suddenly have an episode of ‘omg i dunno what i’m doing but i really gotta burst out lots of words that make no sense to myself!’ ?

ok bruhs, i just gotta pause and say this: i don’t wanna be a betch and discourage you from reaching your spiritual goals. so i’ma tune it down as much as possible so that it doesn’t look like i’m criticizing believers. if you speak in tongues and enjoy the neurological freedom of just ‘letting it out’, do it! ok i’ll continue with the blog now..

imo when jesus spoke in tongues he knew EXACTLY what he was doing or was talking about! it was him tuning and aligning with the highest frequency of the universe — the frequency of unconditional love. that pure energy passes onto him and he was the vehicle of expressing that immense compassion through words. it was the most beautiful ‘language’ anyone can ever say through their mouth. it had PRECISE meanings that relate to pure unconditional love and immense compassion. and i believe not only himself, but ANYONE ELSE around him would understand him as well! it was the universal language. it attunes to and activates our perfect spiritual DNA! we would have instant soul recognition of that frequency! it goes straight into your heart, vibrates with it in perfect harmony, and isn’t perceived by mere ears. it was the most beautiful vibratory frequency that can be perceived by everyone and everything (plants, animals, stones, crystals, water, planets.. anything that ever exists!!!) if jesus had a guitar he would be playing that frequency through that musical instrument, and just like the most beautiful language, it’d be the most beautiful song! why is jesus able to do it? simply because his love for y’all had no attachments or other impure intentions attached to it!!!

most people i saw online that claim to be ‘speaking in tongues’ look like they’re possessed and they had no idea what they’re talking about — that’s exactly what it is. the act has no meaning, thus, the words had no meaning. that’s why they dunno what they’re saying and anyone that listens wouldn’t either, coz their act wasn’t love-based, it was, unfortunately, ego-based. it’s not a special ability. jesus didn’t even claim it as a special ability to begin with. it was simply him completely letting go of ego and allowing his highest self (god, our universal highest self) to express 100% through him.

the only reason y’all don’t experience god through you the way jesus does is precisely because your ego is ‘edging god out’. most people that ‘spoke in tongues’ are doing it outta ego. i am sure if they dunno what they’re talking about AND they do it on youtube, it SURELY came from their ego.

whatever bruh, i don’t wanna ruin their youtube business. i don’t want them going back to their boring 9 to 5 job.. just leave them be..

but yeah the reason i’m writing this is for people that ‘don’t speak in tongues’ and ‘admire the people that do’, guys, don’t feel bad.. those people aren’t born with superpowers. it’s just so happen that their ego is a bit larger than yours. listen to jesus. listen to your heart. i’m not even christian and i’m doing this better than most of you guys.. y’all outta do better than this, lol.. just remember that god loves you no matter what! and just grow a brain when it comes to identifying who’s faking their enlightenment and who’s genuine. not everyone that claims to be ‘christian’ has the purest intentions. follow your heart (best way to follow your heart is, when you see weird shet online, there’s this little voice in the back of your head that says ‘oh this shet is a bit off’ then that shet is prolly off! lol.. that little voice is your heart whispering warning signs to you so that you don’t lose your ways, and that you’re always brought back to happiness and harmony), tune into god’s frequency (infinite compassion and unconditional love) and you’ll never go wrong! and remember — love yourself! and be happy!

Photo by Julia Volk on Pexels.com

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