why are we scared of bugs

i’m not scared of bugs, you are! hi, long time no see. i’ve been busy. the weather has been weird. my daddi been sexc. but let’s get straight into the topic!

similarly to what i’ve mentioned in a past blog — the reason why we feel hurt after a painful relationship is because we had expectations — the reason why we’re scared of bugs is also because of expectations: we expect them to be our enemies, because we expect ourselves to kill them as soon as we see them.

this unhealthy attachment towards the thought of ‘we must kill them’ causes the anxiety — because we get really stressed out about ‘how am i gonna kill this thing perfectly? how am i gonna avoid it from jumping on my face? how am i gonna initiate the one-punch perfect-strike to avoid it coming back alive and fight back? and how am i gonna clean up afterwards? is my perfect-strike gonna make sure its guts don’t explode everywhere? man the cleaning up is always a mess!’

you might not consciously go through these exact thoughts as words laid out like that, but that’s exactly what your subconscious goes through every time you see a bug and fear it.

i’m hindu and i’m vegan. i don’t kill bugs and i rarely have bug problems at home — these guys rarely bother me. they only come in when the weather has been extremely hot or when they need shelter when it’s stormy outside — once the storm stops they simply go back to nature! you didn’t even have to fight them! when i see them i don’t fear them because i don’t have the initial reaction of ‘OMG I GOTTA KILL THIS THING’! i don’t recognize them as enemy. i see them as friends that needed shelter. thing is, they want less to do with you than you do with them, they wanna be left alone as much as loneliness you want them to leave you. they’re not stupid. they know they can’t win when they fight you — the giant that’s 10000 (not scientific number) times taller than them — therefore, they naturally don’t wanna fite u irl! maybe online but just not irl!

ok, since i’m solution-oriented, next time when you see a bug i want you to take a moment to breathe — take 5 deep breathes and tell yourself ‘it’s ok. i’m a giant compared to this little guy. he doesn’t wanna fight me. he’s prolly been inside my house for more than 24 hours, and i have survived the full 24 hours, therefore i’m naturally gonna be ok. i’m not gonna kill this little dude.’ just watch your fear go away when your initial attitude toward bugs is to immediately kill it. if you do the same every time you see a bug, you’ll never be scared of bugs ever again.

all forms of anxiety, stress and fear are self-imposed. when you understand and tolerate bugs, you’ll understand life better. it’s rewarding. the universe loves you, it never wants to send bugs to fight you irl.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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