when things don’t go your way

things don’t always go your way. what’s important isn’t to force or wish for everything to go your way. what you need to do is to figure out solutions. i’ll share what i do when things don’t go my way.

when things don’t go my way, after complaining about it (which is fun and everybody does that), i try to reflect on what the universe is mirroring to me, because i am aware that the universe is a pure, none-judgmental mirror that works 258 for you no matter who you are or where you are.

i try to figure out whether what’s reflected to me is what i love or what i fear; whether it is what i am (what i cherish/like) or what i judge (what i dislike/reject); whether if it is what i should learn from or what i should walk away from; whether i should let go or whether i should insist in protecting my integrity and what i hold as true to my heart.

it might look complicated but when you quiet down and just listen to your inner heart’s wisdom, the answer emerge effortlessly. some call it meditation, but it really is just you taking some time just for yourself to heal, remember and unpack dope stuff from your awesome limitless pool of inner wisdom.

case study 1:
i’ve discovered coupla times in my life when someone i look up to (a family member or a friend) looked at hawt women pics or even porn. my first reaction in my head is ‘ew! i’ma tell them RIGHT NOW how bad porn is for your mental and physical health and that you’re such a douche!’ but nowadays instead of outbursting whatever that’s in my head, i take a step back and try to find out what’s being reflected by the universe. well, since it isn’t what i am or what i cherish, it must be what i judge that’s being reflected. and it helps me realize that it’s their life and they’re on their own journey and that i am in no position to lecture them or to force my enlightened vegan sexless lifestyle upon them, coz not everyone is ready to immediately turn into a monk.
once i stopped judging, i manifest less and less of these situations where i feel the need to lecture people, lol.. i’m guessing it’s just because once i’ve let go, what i hate to see would stop coming back to me all the time.

case study 2:
when i was a teenager i didn’t know how to love myself properly (i prolly didn’t even love myself at all), so i believed that everyone else hates me too. i kept manifesting situations where people were mean to me. now after i’ve learned to love and honor myself, i stopped attracting nasty shet into my life, and so i realized that it is because of what i believed in and not really an unchangeable fact that ‘the world is full of mean people’. everything is dynamic and fluid — everything that is happening around you is an objective reflection of your inner space. when you hate yourself, you radiate that shetty vibe that everyone will reflect back to you — when you don’t respect yourself you give people no reason to respect you. you radiate a vibe that annoys people and even the nicest person on earth wants to pick on you for no reason, because you expect to be picked on. your brain wave is sending out thoughts and energies for that person to be mean to you. (i don’t hate you, i’m just telling you about the universe as it is). on the contrary, when you love and honor yourself enough, even the ‘mean’ people will respect and bow to you. it’s just how your vibe works. now i keep attracting dope people and awesome situations into my life. even the mean people respect me and through me they learn to love themselves and they are turning into less-mean people, lol..

that’s true power — your unconditional self love translates into unconditional love for everyone and everything, and you effortlessly radiate that energy out to everyone that has the honor to be around you and you’re no longer a victim, you are a creator of your own reality and you are a life changer for anyone that comes in contact with you (or even just be in your space). when you let go, you’re no longer holding onto the identity of a victim. you will be in the space of creation. you will inspire and motivate people. that way, you will set yourself free, feel true happiness and make the world a better place by simply being you.

ima repeat myself one more time like i do every time in the conclusion section of each one of my blog — love yourself, you’re awesome!

Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels.com

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