why does life suck?

no, you must reword that stuff — your life sucks, not mine. i’m sorry but it’s true.

your life sucks because you attract what you expect. well then you’ll be asking another question: ‘if the manifestation stuff works, then nobody’s life should suck, especially mine, isn’t that right?’ well, that’s only partially correct — coz you gotta remember, the ‘manifestation stuff’ works for EVERYTHING, ‘good things’ or ‘bad things’. the universe doesn’t judge what’s ‘good’ or what’s ‘bad’, it acts as a pure mirror (without subjective judgements or any forms of filters) that reflects and projects whatever that’s on your inner space into your reality. whatever that’s on your mind the most gets manifested, not just ‘the good stuffs’. and if your life sucks, chances are, your mind is focusing on the things that you fear or the things that you don’t want 80% of your day.

loadsa things can be manifested into your reality through reflecting your inner space — things that you love (and believe firmly that would happen no matter what), things that you fear, things that you hate, things that you judge. actually, when i say ‘things’, i don’t just mean ‘things’, but also people and situations.

if your life sucks, you can do a self-reflecting exercise right now — how often do you complain per day? what percentage does that take out of your day? what sorta people that you hang out with the most? do they also cherish the motion of complaining as much as you do? do any of you do gratitude journal? are you grateful for everything and everyone in your life or do you think of the worst in people? do you love yourself?

i’m not gonna judge your answers for these questions but i’ma let you know why i asked — first of all, your life is exactly like the 3 people that you hang out with the most. secondly, people that complain a lot lack of gratitude (not saying it’s a moral problem, just saying, they focus so much on ‘the bad stuffs’ that they forgot how to be happy anymore).

so let me provide the solutions to a life that sucks:

1️⃣ do gratitude journals
the conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time, therefore, when you’re focusing on the things, people, situations that you’re grateful for, you bring your mind to the ‘now’ and nothing nasty can bother you. it’s a very cool exercise. it will remind you of how good life actually is and that you ARE surrounded by good people. it will also help you realize, ‘wow, the universe is abundant, my life is actually abundant and supported by the universe’!

2️⃣ stay away from toxic people
i found this extremely helpful. you might think ditching your good ol’ friends is a bit cruel, but let me tell you, your life will transform and that you will experience a quantum leap in life. when you reduce the time that you spend with people that do nothing but complaining about their own lives and the society, you will realize that the world is actually pretty friendly and it’s much easier for your conscious mind to choose to focus on things that make you happy, and it’s much easier for you to stay positive. you will have more energy to do the things that you love, rather than wasting that good chunka energy on worrying about ‘shets that may go wrong’ on a daily basis. you don’t have to cut contact from them straight away. just reduce the time that you spend with them. and day after day, month after month, you will find those people simply pretty irrelevant to you and you will automatically stay away from their negativity. they prolly can’t stand your positivity either and choose to stay away from you too! so there’s no guilt in that! and watch your life transform, watch better friends and people flooding into your new life!

3️⃣ love yourself
this is a tricky one, especially if you’re experiencing self-loathing problems right now. to solve that self hatred, you gotta first accept yourself. accept the ‘flaws’ that you hate yourself for. your ‘flaws’ might not be a fatal problem in other people’s eyes. examples — i have a friend who’s super intelligent, but it seems only he can’t see that! he hates that what he does isn’t 100% perfect. in his opinion, to be ‘good at something’, you gotta be 100% best at it, and even when he’s already extremely very very good at something, he hates himself for not being perfect at it. he’s super hard on himself and his self-loathing is so real. he believes that he’s not good enough and he’s the only person that doesn’t see the fact that he’s super intelligent, hard working, caring and compassionate.

another example — i’m shy and polite most of the times coz i was raised by my grandparents that ‘demanded’ good manners, lol.. but in the modern day western world i seemed to be ‘the odd one out’. my parents hated it. they believed that i can’t survive in a world where everyone is outgoing and pretty much ‘socially perfect’. and they feared that if i’m too nice to other people, they’d either ‘look down on me’ or ‘take advantage of me’. i grew up hating myself, until one day i met my idol — he’s like a mirror of myself. he was raised with the same manner principals by his mom (a very kind-hearted japanese lady who’s similar age to my grandparents). he talks, walks and even behaves exactly the same as me. both of us are shy and not as loud as the society expects people to be nowadays, and we bow and we’re just really nice to people. that’s when i learned to accept my ‘flaws’, coz what’s ‘flaw’ to me is ‘perfection’ in millions of others (otherwise my hero wouldn’t have attracted zillions of fans). once i started loving myself, my life started transforming — and it hit me that when people took advantage and walked all over me, it wasn’t because i was nice to them, it was because i didn’t love myself enough and they couldn’t help but to reflect my inner belief back to me. i never changed being polite and nice to people, but when i started loving myself, everything else started changing around me as well! people started respecting me back, and some even bow back to me even when bowing is totally not expected in western countries! being who you are is never the problem — not loving yourself is!

accept every single aspect about yourself — it is who you are, and nobody else is better at being you than you are at being yourself! and that’s the beauty of life! embrace the person that you are! you are a superstar, you are a masterpiece! you gotta repeat this to yourself everyday so you never revert back to self-loathing again! build an unshakable strong inner being that loves yourself no matter what others do or say! the outside world cannot change the fact that you’re a masterpiece, you’re perfection in your own way, if your inner core is invincible!

in conclusion, life doesn’t have to suck! maybe yours sucks but LIFE in general is subjective to everyone. i see blissful monks with 0 dollars in their pockets! and i also see rich people with millions in their bank accounts complain about life’s not good enough. it is not the outside that can define who you are or direct you exactly where your happiness is. YOU determine what your happiness is and how you should live your life! you know who you are, you know you’re infinite awesomeness! i’m simply helping you to remember that — coz all the answers are already within yourself — in your Inner Pool of Infinite Wisdom! (my original words, quote me when you need to use this expression, lol)

ilu 💖🌟🦄 stay powerful! love yourself! and remember, the universe loves you unconditionally and supports all your dreams 100%! you’re beautiful, awesome and a masterpiece of perfection! go out there and radiate this unconditional self-love! you can do it!

Photo by Rifqi Ramadhan on Pexels.com

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