honor your hobbies

you might think ‘oh, it’s just a hobby’, WRONG! your hobby is your heart communicating directly to you about what your life’s purpose is.

people think they should ignore their hobbies if they wanna achieve greatness in life. they might even think that their hobbies are in their way towards success.. they believe ‘the realistic way of life’ is when you completely resist doing what makes you happy and spend your whole life doing things you hate.. VERY WRONG! COMPLETELY BONKERS BY JUST THE SOUND OF THAT!

every successful person you’ll ever hear about started their legendary journey towards greatness with their hobby or the simple things that they loved doing. some of them loved acting, some of them loved to dance, some of them loved singing, some of them loved cooking, some of them loved sewing, some of them loved messing with computers and some simply just loved playing video games. they loved doing these things so much that they’re making a living outta these ‘mere hobbies’. who are they now? BILLIONAIRES! elon musk, bill gates, my daddy, jamie oliver, xQc.. the list goes on! and you’re telling me your hobbies are useless and a ‘waste of time’? OH, MY GLOB! STAHP!

everyone has different interests and hobbies. i do NOT think what you love doing is an accident! i believe your hobby is in direct connection with divine grace! the more you do what you love, the higher your frequency will be raised, thus, you automatically grow more influential and help/serve/save/influence/inspire/motivate more people. that’s real happiness. that’s the true purpose of life. that’s the real success. that’s when you realize that you didn’t waste your life by doing things or jobs that you hate that one day when you’re 70 it hits you — omg i’ve TRULY WASTED MY LIFE! AND THERE’S TOO LITTLE TIME TO START OVER! SO START NOW! DO WHAT YOU LOVE NOW! listen to your heart, it never lies. it communicates with you through emotions. it never lies about happiness. what makes you happy MAKES YOU HAPPY — it never makes you mad or sad.

don’t go earn money for the sake of ‘earning money’, there’s no authenticity in it. examples: my ex grew their youtube channel for the sake of ‘becoming famous to get paid’, guess what, 10 years into doing youtube, they never had a breakthrough! still stuck with 2000-ish subscribers! on the contrary, my friend has just started streaming on twitch — just a couple of streams on (within a month), they reached affiliate status! how? they simply had fun and genuinely loved streaming video games without the attachment to money or fame!

lessons to be learned from the above examples: generate wealth with integrity by doing what you love without toxic expectations or attachments to money and fame — then you will achieve greatness and radiate yourself 100% and shine like a superstar! that way you and your limitless talent contribute to the world infinitely and the universe supports you 100% on that! then sit back and watch money rolling into ya bank accounts in large chunka quantities as a mere ‘side effect’ for being authentic!

remember, you’re loved and supported by the universe. you’re here for a reason and the shortcut of realizing your life’s purpose and to live your life to the fullest IS by honoring your hobbies!

Photo by Miggy Rivera on Pexels.com

Published by Dan Scorpio

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