double negative = positive?

in maths, yes. in manifesting what you want in life? not really.

comparing these two sentences:
1. i’m not gonna fail my maths exam 🙃
2. i’m gonna pass my maths exam 😌
even though they convey the same meaning, it’s not hard to tell sentence number two is a lot more positive. therefore, when y’all are tryna manifest your hearts’ desires, try to avoid double negatives lol..

similar concepts can be applied to health, wealth, relationships or any life’s aspects. i’ll give y’all some case studies below:

case study #1:
mi own health
i was an angry and unhealthy person back in the days. i used to tell myself ‘i’m not gonna have heart palpitations today’, guess what, i kept having them, because, even though it was negated by the word ‘not’, i was still mentally reminded to have heart palpitations lol.. as soon as i realized how to change my wording in terms to manifest perfect health, i fixed the issue — i started telling myself ‘my heart is in perfect health. my spiritual body knows exactly how to heal myself and my higher self will reveal exactly how to heal myself’. my health has improved significantly! i’m a strong and independent dude now!
how did i do it? i shifted my mind from focusing on my sickness to my infinite inner healing power! sickness to healing; powerlessness to powerful.

case study #2:
mi tru wuw rel8ionship:
at the time i met my one true love earlier this year, i sorta just got outta a toxic relationship (soz for being a simp that rebounds). this person is too good to be true and when we’re together i kept saying ‘i love u so much, please never leave me’ (the word ‘never’ and ‘leave’ makes it a double negative, meaning ‘stay’). the second time i said it (as a subconscious outburst) i consciously caught myself saying it and immediately changed it to ‘i love u so much, stay’. then i realized even the newly changed expression has a subtle desperation and fear for loss in it. desperation is creepy, and the fear of loss can only manifest what i fear about losing. solution: by practicing gratitude, i am now able to center myself and live in the NOW, and nowadays i say this instead ‘i love u now, and this moment is eternity 💞 to me, u is bebe, thank you so much for everything (showing gratitude implying i love myself enough to be able to accept their love and at the same time i am able to radiate unconditional love)’.
notice how much better it was from ‘i love u please never leave me’ to ‘i love u now thank u so much’ eh! when you’re in the now, the person you love is also positively influenced enough to center themselves, appreciating everything that they have. PLUS, what you’re grateful for multiplies. WHAT AN EFFORTLESS BONUS BOOST!

ilu bebes! and i’ma repeat myself once again (like i have mentioned in every other blog entries): to have a successful relationship at all, don’t forget to love yourself first! and ya better make sure ya relationship is a conscious choice (to share your wholeness and completion with one another, to heal and support each other unconditionally) instead of a desperation-driven ‘you complete me’ type of half person – half person that only focus on ‘what can i get outta this relationship’ type of toxic situation coz of missing out coz all your other friends are already married with 8 kids.

i know y’all can grow together as a team, but just make sure you take a moment to learn to love yourself unconditionally first. u can do it, u deserve to be loved unconditionally! you’re a superstar! the universe supports your happiness and all your dreams!

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