bad news for mi twitter followers

after taking almost 2 months’ break from twitter, i started slowly merging back to the app. HOWEVER, i can safely say that I MISS NOTHING ABOUT TWITTER 😳

once i broke the twitter-addiction, i’m way healthier mentally, and i realized that I CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT FOREVER 😕 i would only miss 3 people on it (won’t mention their names in case y’all jelly, but they totally know who they are — 2 guys 1 gal). a few other ones are my friends and i already got them on Discord, that’s why they’re not included in the 3 people that i’d miss.

i wanna take the time to elaborate on why i still find twitter to be toxic and that i would never come back to it if i don’t miss the 3 people on it:

it’s such a unique app. i remember when it first came out i was like ‘wow, there’s really no point in using this app’. but now that big content creators such as animal crossing accounts and my daddy’s fan accounts and motivational speakers’ accounts are on it, and u can promote your brand/business on it, there’s more points in using the app. BUT it’s still a unique app! unique in a bad way! — unlike other social media apps (except for fb), you can select what you read/watch/see — you can’t do that with twitter! twitter reminds me of a horror movie i’ve watched as a kid — a guy got tied up on a chair and was forced to watch bad guys raping his wife — that’s exactly what twitter is in terms of social media! literally everything gets dumped in ya face all at once! you literally HAVE to scroll through all the toxic bs (plus ads and toxic negativity that are trending) before finding your favorite 3 people’s tweets (and sometimes if they’re shadow-pushed-down, it’ll take a while to find them).

people nowadays aren’t raised with respect-based morals. they dunno what they’re doing, and most of them clinch onto the victim’s mentality. they complain 258, believing if they act that way they’d gain people’s sympathy and more followers (yes they will, but after a while people will get sick and tired of their negativity and eventually leave). and then there’s the egoistic ones that act as if everyone agrees to whatever they say, and if anyone doesn’t agree, they’d stir up the biggest drama on the internet. they’re unable to get their messages across in a mature/polite manner, while being completely inconsiderate toward people’s feelings. you’re basically playing with fire if you ever use twitter at all. you have to be buddha himself not to lose your sanity if you use that app on a daily basis! if i ever ‘fully’ return to it, i’d turn off notifications and only check it once in the middle of the day so that it doesn’t ruin my wonderful energetic mornings or my beautiful night time sleeps.

ilu guys, let me know whatcha think about twitter! also, let me know what your favorite social media app is and why! let’s stay positive together! 💖🌟🦄


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