you attract what you ___ (fill in the blanks)

so what DO you attract? i’ve heard so many versions of ‘you attract what you ___’ and they all made sense! lol.. but which one is the real answer in terms of law of attraction? i just figured that out!

i have (and you prolly have too) heard about these versions: ‘you attract what you are’ (i heard it from the legend Bob Proctor); ‘you attract what you expect’ (i heard it from the dopest movie i’ve seen this year, ‘The Secret: Dare To Dream’); and buncha other versions such as ‘you attract what you love’ and/or ‘you attract what you fear’.. they might seem all different to us at first, but when you look closer you will realize that there’s certainly a theme going on here — emotions! all of these different versions link back to how you feel at the moment you attracted something.

the deepest truth is, you attract the exact frequency you’re on while sending out the signals of your emotions. i dunno how i can effectively put this piece of cosmic wisdom into words but i’ll try my best 😉💪🏻

you are swimming in a pool of the Infinity Of Frequencies (i just invented that saying, quote me when you use it, do not plagiarize🦄), and the law of attraction works 258, literally every moment with 0 exception (thus please remember that, and be responsible for your life. remember to stay powerful and always create what you want instead of holding or cherishing the victim’s mentality 😘).

if you’re swimming in an area of one of those high frequency levels, you’re prolly feeling great at that very moment. you’re prolly feeling these emotions: gratitude, joy, blissfulness, dopeness, awesomeness, self confidence, happiness etc; on the contrary, when you’re swimming in an area of low frequency levels, that’s when you’re feeling these emotions: sadness, anger, frustration, self doubt, hatred, fear, anxious etc.

when you’re feeling great, you would automatically think about awesome stuffs. and as i have stated before, the law of attraction works 258, therefore you will be attracting whatever your emotions effortlessly lead the flow of your emotions to feel. the opposite works the exact same way when you’re feeling down 😢

there’s a shortcut in shifting your frequency to higher levels — in other words, there’s a shortcut in helping yourself to feel great — it is by feeling great about yourself! shift your self image and everything will shift! because your self-image is how you feel about yourself, and that’s the most immediate, intimate internal feeling that you would generate 258 before you go on your days feeling about anything else externally. therefore, once you’ve shifted your feeling about yourself (by loving, accepting and healing yourself emotionally), you will automatically feel great about everything and everyone around you. and guess what, then you’ll attract everything that you do actually desire/cherish/wish to happen, in other words, things, people, situations that support your self-growth.

it’s super easy to see that feelings of self-doubt, self-hatred, and general low self-esteem would only lead to self-destruction, due to the fact that the people, things, situations that you attract when you’re feeling these emotions about yourself are out of fear and frustration. low frequency emotions such as anger, fear, frustration would attract things you don’t want/things you judge/things you hate into your life. you attract how you feel, and the root of that is how you feel about yourself. we can conclude all of those different versions of the saying into one — ‘you attract how you feel about yourself’.

this post is getting long, therefore i will give you case studies in a future blog. stay tuned coz i’m goin to bed. have an awesome day or evening, aye 💞🦄🌟 stay powerful, stay grateful, stay dope 💪🏻

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