suffering is a choice

we hear people say ‘happiness is a choice’ all the time. it’s true, little do we know, the opposite is also true. in today’s rant i’ll select 2 typical examples from my own life’s experiences to demonstrate what i mean by that.

case study 1️⃣
Crusty’s story:

Crusty used to live with me at my place (because he got nowhere else to go in a new country and i was a sympathetic person) and he loved complaining about EVERYTHING, especially about the society. whenever he had a job, it always ended with a huge fight (one of them almost turned physical!) against his co-workers or his boss. he blamed his own victim’s mentality, anti-social behaviors and lack of self-control (aka his violent outbursts, his inconsideration of other people and the society as a whole), which were the reason for the ending of his career, on the society for being ‘unfair’ towards ‘people like him’.

case study 2️⃣
Fknut’s story:
Fknut used to be my friend (before i found out what sorta person that he really was). he absolutely CHERISHES his physical problems (ranging from a small cut to a disability)! what i mean by ‘cherishes’ doesn’t mean that he consciously physically enjoys the daily pain in his body, so let me elaborate on that:

just like Crusty, Fknut also based his day to day life upon the victim’s mentality. he believed (consciously and/or subconsciously) that as long as he’s a victim, as long as he’s suffering, there will be people showing sympathy toward them. unlike Crusty that hated everyone, Fknut is ‘smarter’. he utilized his ‘victim’s status’ in his own favor, to manipulate people into doing what he wanted. once he noticed his manipulative strategy worked, day after day, year after year, instead of complaining about their physical pain (which COULD be improved and cured with simple lifestyle and dietary changes), they started cherishing their ‘disabled’ status — free government money and free nudes from girls all over the internet who are so in love that they’re ready to die for him (again, gals, sympathy isn’t love, WAKE UP)! i mean i loved how he complained less but the way he played with innocent girls’ heart totally grossed me out and was the main reason why i chose not to be his friend anymore (also, it was pretty stressful getting told off every time i tried to show him how moral works, or a healthy lifestyle that could lead to his total physical healing).


as you can see, Crusty and Fknut are total opposites — Crusty believed that he is a victim but he also believed that doesn’t get the attention that he deserved. he believed that there’s not enough sympathy in the world. on the other hand, Fknut knew exactly how to manipulate people into showing him too much sympathy.

let me give you a brief update on how they’re doing now — Crusty contacted his last boss that he ‘ditched’ during a big tantrum he threw at, before he lost his job. he expects everyone to still love him even after he’s hurt everyone’s feelings (by violent tantrums and deep emotional insults), simply because he believes that he’s a victim and that everyone should always love him unconditionally. the boss talked to everyone on the team and nobody wanted him back. so yeah he pretty much lost that job permanently (even though he believed that his intelligence is too high for that job and that it’s the society’s fault that he HAD to do it at all, just to survive). when you hurt people too deeply, nobody gives a shet anymore when you wanna make a comeback. and let me tell you, friendships do end! so a word to Crusty — your victim’s mentality isn’t your free pass to get away with your inconsideration towards people’s feelings! and it’s not your golden pass towards success either!

as for Fknut — the last gal he played with saw through his manipulative nature and stopped talking to him. he also got into trouble with the police, for incidents with another girl. i was shocked when i found out about his true nature. again, even if you just played with girls online, there are still consequences if: 1. they’re minors; 2. when you manipulated them into doing things they don’t like. again, turned out, your victim’s mentality doesn’t get ya outta jail that easily.

i am very pleased with their tragic aftermaths. people like them need to learn big life’s lessons fasho!

i still hear people say things like ‘god is fair on everyone’. i tell you, you’ll completely miss the mark if you still believe in ‘fairness’ — coz that’s not how the universe works at all! this belief made people too lazy to take responsibilities of their own lives, and we see the mass-birth-rate of the victim’s mentality circling around humanity. what if i tell you that the universe is a pure, non-judgmental mirror that reflects EXACTLY who you are, based on the level of your self-worth? what if i tell you that your life is EXACTLY what you make of it, and you are 100% responsible for attracting (consciously and subconsciously) all of the situations within it? it’s never too late to start becoming responsible for your life! you’re not a victim, rather, you’re a powerful creator! delete your powerless cognition and radiate your inner strength with huge compassion and unconditional love! that’s the key to a blissful life (or what as i call it, True Success)!

ilusm 💖🌟🦄 you do not have to cherish your suffering for personal gains! because those ‘gains’ are never permanent, they’re never good for personal growth, and they will always set you back. i’ve seen so many tragic endings on so many people — it never ended well. remember, whatever your life is right now is a pure reflection of how much you love yourself and how responsible you are towards life. loving myself seems to be the solution to all my problems, therefore i keep telling you guys and gals to never forget to love yourselves! it’s your highest priority right now! i will keep reminding y’all that the universe loves you unconditionally and it’s willing to shower upon y’all its infinite blessings if you just give it permission to do so. you don’t need to go through suffering in order to trigger a blessing from the universe, it doesn’t work that way. my biggest mission is to radiate the Cosmic Truth towards everyone that ever crosses path with the content that i create. you’re a superstar, radiate your compassion and shine as bright as you are 🌟

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