twin flame relationships = doom?

i completely stopped watching or reading about ‘twin flames’ because the authors of this broad topic only want your attention and views (and sometimes your money as well). they wish for you to force yourself to experience ‘twin flame’ troubles so that you keep coming back to them for more advice sessions. SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF THESE SCAMS and if you need advice about twin flame relationships ask me instead. just leave a comment.

by reading too many articles from so-called ‘twin flame experts’, many people have successfully trapped themselves into many misconceptions about the twin flame phenomenon. thus, for this article, i will list 5 major misconceptions, followed by the actual truth:

1️⃣ misconception ❕

⚠️ ‘the opposite attract’ and because you guys are the same you might feel repelled by your twin ⚠️

BUSTED❗️the law of attraction clearly states that ‘like attract like’! it’s science bruh! let’s look at it closer with simple PHYSICS — have you ever spilled water on a smooth surface before? chances are, we all have. if you haven’t go do this experiment now — carefully drop 2 small drops of water close to each other on smooth and shiny surface like your kitchen sink or your dinner table (might need a straw or a spoon or just your index finger) and watch them move close to each other, and boing, they’re one. and you are 70% to 80% water, of course you’re gonna behave this way! ‘the opposite attract’ only apply to magnets, and since you’re not 80% metal, i doubt that works for you (well, unless you’re a robot, hi there, nice to meet ya). does the opposite really attract? are you really attracted to people that hate everything that you like? i HIGHLY doubt it (and i’m not even on crack). give you a simple example — i’m vegan and my ex (which i thought was my ‘twin’) loved meat (not judging meat-eating lifestyle choices, read on). they would try everything to prove that the vegan diet is bad for the environment and they would constantly ridicule me by ‘proving’ i’m not really vegan — ‘if you suck my *insert certain body parts*, then clearly you’re not vegan! HA, POSER! TAKE THAT!!!’. LAWD HAVE MERCY! HOW VERY GROSS!!! (AND I’LL NEVER SUCK YOUR #*#@ !!!) but then i thought ‘ok maybe that’s just my ‘twin’ tryna help me grow more compassionate towards others’ lifestyle. and since we’re the same it’s prolly normal that we kinda repel each other’.. WRONG! IT WAS CLEARLY A FAKE TWIN! IT WAS JUST A JUDGMENTAL, RUDE AND MANIPULATIVE PERSON! and it was clearly a situation where opposites didn’t attract!!!

2️⃣ misconception ❕

⚠️ you are of the same soul, thus your twin triggers your deepest wounds to surface, you will feel annoyed and judged by this person, because you literally mirror each other ⚠️

BUSTED ❗️ while, yes, you do mirror each other, but you mirror each other in every harmonious way possible rather than all the bad things they told you that you would experience in a ‘typical’ twin flame relationship — ‘this person judges you’, ‘this person is so nasty that they make you question your own reality’, ‘this person causes you so much emotional pain, but that’s just for your own growth, you should always come back to them’.. BRUH! that does NOT sound like a healthy relationship at all, let alone a twin flame one!!! that downright sounds like these articles are tryna force you to attach yourself to a toxic relationship with a manipulative person! if you don’t even feel comfortable to be yourself without constantly being judged by someone, it does NOT sound like a healthy environment to ‘learn your life’s lessons’!!! it sounds more like ‘you’re in a prison without knowing it’!!!
always remember this — true love is so pure and the person is so none-judgmental and vibes so well with you on nearly every aspect of your life that the only time you question reality was ‘wow, is this person for real?’. their lifestyle do not contradict with yours. they’re the perfect catalyst for your healing. they never cause suffering in you when you open your heart completely. you can trust this person 100% because they also trust you 100%.
‘you will run away from your twin because there’s trust issues’, screw that 💩💩💩

3️⃣ misconception ❕

⚠️ there’s always a third party element between you two and it is the universe testing your strength to overcome it, just to prove you’re worthy of your twin ⚠️

BUSTED BIG TIME ❗️❗️❗️did they literally just say ‘A THIRD PARTY ELEMENT’?!! LAWD❗️HAVE❗️MERCY❗️❗️❗️THAT’S NOT SOMETHING FOR YOU TO OVERCOME!!! ISN’T IT CALLED CHEATING?!! you deserve so much better than to tolerate this person seeing someone else behind ya back! end of paragraph!!!

4️⃣ misconception ❕

⚠️ if you’re a lady (or the feminine element within this twin flame relationship), chances are, you’re more spiritually advanced than your male counterpart. they will trigger you and drag you down, but fear not, if you’re patient enough, they will get on your frequency ⚠️


the truth turns out that you’re on very similar levels of spiritual advancement. and nope, they never drag you down. they constantly motivate and inspire you to be a better version of yourself on a daily basis, energetically and physically! you two simply harmonize perfectly and every aspect of life never seemed so smooth. everything feels right with this person!
side note: didn’t those people also tell us that ‘the cause of the twin flame phenomenon is that your soul is so advanced, so ancient and so powerful to the point you manifested as 2 bodies in this world’, and yet they tell you ‘your counterpart is a muggle’?!! BRUH!!! THAT’S PLAIN SELF-CONTRADICTORY!!!

5️⃣ misconception ❕

⚠️ that person is your counterpart, their love completes you ⚠️

MASSIVE SYNTAX ERROR❗️for any relationship at all, if you’re not whole and complete yourself, if you don’t learn to love yourself first, things will not work out very well. you’re not half a person! do you feel half? well you might need to pay a visit to your doctor if you feel that you’ve lost your body parts, relationship articles can’t help you with that! to be in a twin flame or any relationship at all is to consciously choose to share your completion with one another, rather than just rolling along the karmic cycle of life. END OF PARAGRAPH, I GOT NOTHING MORE TO SAY.


don’t listen to no more ‘twin flame’ videos, THEY DANGEROUS! coz they want you to be trapped into this fake twin flame relationship that only ends up destroying you. they want you to offer unconditional love to someone extremely toxic and manipulative, without questioning ‘is this what i REALLY want?’ they want to drain yourself to the point you feel so empty on the inside that their videos are your only anchor in life that fills up that big void inside of you (which they’ve created the first place! see this karmic cycle?!)! if you have any doubts, chances are, it’s your heart tryna warn you about a fake twin. your heart never lies! when you meet your real soul family, you have zero doubts at all! everything harmonizes!

i found my true love when i dropped all the attachments to the fancy labels and decided just to dive in and live my life. my heart was open and i was not afraid to offer love anymore! i was mentally and emotionally ready to offer love to even people that are not in the immediate soul family! because i know for a fact that no matter what, we’re all one humanity, we’re all connected energetically anyway, and that nobody deserves more true love than another! and when i opened up my heart again, the person that harmonizes with me showed up, simply because i harmonize with myself internally. i don’t even care if they’re my soulmate or twin flame at all anymore (even though they sure feel like the perfect one lol).. the point is, the attachments to ‘twin flames’ is super unhealthy, and i’m just glad that i am ready and willing to offer unconditional love without the unhealthy attachments to those fancy labels.

ilu 💞work on yourself & love yourself! relax and just watch your true love magically walk into your life 💖

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