relationship = conscious choice?

yo vassup! i know this blog is gonna be a bit too spiritual. but i also know that y’all are ready for this! so LET’S GO!

enlightened masters keep telling us that our relationship should be a conscious choice. for a long time i couldn’t figure out what they meant by that.. i thought if we can consciously choose whether to be in a relationship or not (or whom to be in it with), i’d probably never choose one, since it always leads to problems (and probably breakups) anyway, lol.. then i tried to have a more positive approach to it — ok, say, if consciously choosing a relationship always turns out to be good, why ‘consciously’ choose it? what does consciously choosing this relationship mean for both parties? does it make the relationship more noble than all the other ones? is it for personal gains (coz, hypothetically speaking, conscious choices always end up good for the self) or is it a selfless act? I HAD NO IDEA, LOL.. I WAS LIKE SO CONFUSED FOR SUCH A LONG TIME.. however, channeling my true love and my higher self last night snapped me out of the confusion instantly!

last night i was channeling the person i’m in love with. i’m 100% sure that this person is from my soul family (if not the exact same soul as i am), because we have everything in common and channeling their soul and higher self has always been effortless (and it feels good! and channeling their higher self always leads me to know my own soul better). i pushed my solar plexus while channeling them last night and i felt a HUGE rush of sadness. nothing triggered the super sad sensation, and i had no memory attached to the immense sadness, so i figured it must be from their emotional-body rather than my own. then, as i dived a bit deeper into their emotional-body, i heard their soul speaking to me (was almost like weeping) — ‘i’m carrying so much sadness in me. i’m sorry.. but somehow being closely connected with you emotionally allowed me to release these feelings of past pain and suffering! the reason why we’re together is so we can heal each other.’

yes! healing! how could i have ever forgotten about that?!! even just a few days ago i’ve written a blog about how the big collective purpose of life for humanity on earth is to heal (including healing ourselves, healing our loved ones and healing the environment)! and conscious relationship choices is a catalyst for healing! through healing my true love, i experienced immense healing myself! i did not only release their sadness, through that experience, i felt my own pain and suffering also leaving my system! this is my OMG-WOAH moment! all the confusion about relationships are gone! i’m guessing only a relationship by conscious choice can help you unlock this valuable piece of wisdom! and now i also realized something — sometimes the reason of doing something isn’t BECAUSE we already know the answer, rather, the answer would only emerge when we dive into life and just LIVE and LEARN through experiencing it!

after that experience i cried (as my own pain and suffering also leaving my emotional body), so a few moments later i pushed my solar plexus again just to check if everyone’s ok — and there was no more sad sensations emerging! instead, i felt a huge surge of love and gratitude filling up my heart!

sometimes we do the things we choose to do isn’t because we’re ready or we know for sure what it’ll turn out to be! we do things BECAUSE we DON’T KNOW. just trust the universe and allow these events naturally unfold, THEN the answers will come flooding to you. the world is packed with surprises and heart-warming people and situations that give us the opportunity to experience Unconditional Love and Healing. however, in order to get the awesome fruits, you gotta plant the tree first — in other words, if you wanna experience the sweetness of life, you gotta just open your heart, trust and live it!

ilu 💖 keep being awesome, keep being awesomely you 🌟 i’m sure you will also experience unconditional love and your soul also be healed 💞

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