2020 is NOT the worst year of my life

i hear so many people say that this year is the worst year of their life.. UM HELLO, I HEARD YOU SAY IT ABOUT 2019, 2018, 2017 AND LITERALLY EVERY YEAR PRIOR TO THOSE AS WELL! seriously, just live your life lol.. if you’re still alive in 2020, chances are, you’re lucky and this isn’t the worst year of your life. and if you’re not a psychic like me, you’re unable to predict the future, therefore, THE ACTUAL ‘WORST’ IS YET TO COME! sorry, i’m not usually this goofy (and you can just tell that i’m completely out of character since i never apologize, simply because my huge ego does not allow me to).

this is not only NOT the worst year of my life, but also, actually, probably, one of the best years of my life. and i bet this is the first time you’ve heard someone crazy enough to say this. you’re probably confused, or even angry, hearing about people that are actually ‘enjoying’ 2020. so let me elaborate on that!

i’m not quite ‘enjoying’ the inconvenience in life right now. i just want to show people that you don’t have to listen to people around you or social media, coz literally EVERYONE is complaining and i don’t want you to be soaked up and consumed in that sorta negativity (because i know your life can get better). in the old days i might as well complain on twitter, then get a few responses and likes (coz you get likes when you do a complain that is popular at the time), and just like those big influencers, the ego is well fed and therefore the emptiness within them is filled up again (but little do they know, it’s only temporary). i totally did it in 2017. nothing improved.

BUT GUESS WHAT, my ego is too big for simple likes and comments to sufficiently feed! what feeds my ego now is taking real actions towards making my big dreams come true! i strive to become the biggest influencer in the whole world and inspire EVERYONE in the world to heal and to also strive to be better (by setting super big goals) on a daily basis! nothing feeds my ego anymore unless that happens. and i thank 2020 for pushing me to be a better person! without 2020, without hitting the PAUSE button (or the PAUSE button hitting me), i would never have had the chance to stop rolling along the karmic cycle of ‘just getting by’ (being stuck in a job i hate, being with the most unhealthy relationship). 2020 allowed me to LOSE EVERYTHING just to reset and restart! it allowed me to review and reflect on ‘WHAT DO I REALLY WANT IN LIFE’! once the answers came up, i got the energy and opportunity to just GO FOR THEM!!!

as soon as i’ve decided to live an authentic life doing what i love (since 2020 kinda forces people to lose everything so we can embrace our humanness and what REALLY means to be human, what REALLY makes us happy as individuals and as one whole Humanity), everything starts to work out better! my lifestyle choices upgraded, i’m vegan and more energetic than ever, i workout more often, i do yoga more often, i meditate more often; my relationship situation got resolved — i got out of the most toxic relationship and consciously chose to be with the person that truly vibes with me; career-wise, i’ve gotten out of a stressful job where i didn’t believe in anything that i did — there were even things that our organization had to deal with that were against my moral! my managers were self-centered and would get mad at me if i’m either too patient or too helpful towards our elderly clients. i’m just so happy that i got out of it! so now i’m doing what i love with the help of friends (and when you’ve decided on making a living with full integrity, fully representing who you are, fully providing value to the world, the universe opens up all the opportunities possible, brings all the most helpful people and situations into your life)! and it made me realize that back in the days i was just mindlessly rolling along the karmic cycle without realizing nothing i did truly vibed with who i really am and what i was truly capable/willing/passionate/care enough to share with the world!

so i quit twitter for more than a month. not seeing simps complaining really helps me focus on my greatest passion! i have not lost focus in a single day on my biggest dreams and goals! and this year is NOT the worst year of my life! it opened up new opportunities that i never knew existed; it shifted my frequency so high to the point i never thought i’d be on; it brought the best people into my life and strengthened existing friendships beyond levels that could be imagined by both parties; it healed family wounds that we were simply too busy to hit PAUSE, sit down and just work it out with calmed hearts; it revealed what i really want in life and what this world and what our universe is really about; it boosted my gratitude for things that i used to take for granted.

hope you’ve learned something from today’s rant. you’re a superstar 🌟 ilu, stay dope mateys! 💖

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com

Published by Dan Scorpio

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2 thoughts on “2020 is NOT the worst year of my life

  1. I can SO relate. I’ve found, in truth, a hell of lot more (personal) positives than negatives this year. It’s just that the negatives are so omnipresent and life altering that they seem to weigh a lot more on the scales…

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    1. true! there are a lot of big influencers that rant about it all the time. they prolly just want attention and more followers without considering the negative impacts they have in the world. fear not, positivity always wins! people will eventually get tired of their negativity and start to see the world their own way without being manipulated.


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