the perks of growing up with grandparents

i dunno if you’ve noticed in a lot of younger people that they freak out when things are not completely under their control; they’re in despair when things don’t go their way; they get extremely frustrated when the reality doesn’t match with their expectations; their ego is bigger than this planet and they’re more self-serving than being selfless. well, these things are just not in older people (or at least a lot more muted).

my grandparents are just super chill. i dunno if it’s just their age that they’ve seen through everything and have loadsa wisdom, or they’re just chill people in general (probably not, coz i heard when grampa was younger he had a huge temper and used to fight people in real life a lot, lol.. i could NOT imagine that looking at the super kind and calm person that he later turned out to be). they taught me to always serve others, be considerate of what i do, think in terms of the whole society rather than the benefit of myself. don’t get us wrong — that does NOT mean sacrificing your own happiness for others. if you take it the wrong way you’ll get manipulated by nasty people and completely lose integrity. my grandparents taught me to live and do things with integrity — because if you’re not happy yourself, the ‘happiness’ you provide to the world will not be genuine — and life without authenticity will not be sustainable on the long run.

they taught me to always improve, simply because i can (and so can you)! they told me inspiring stories on a, if not daily, at least weekly basis. they taught me to set my goals high and if i have the will to improve, then i should indeed believe in myself, simply because it’s backed by justifiable strong will and great work ethics.

they’re very considerate of others’ needs. they taught me that you’re providing value to the world rather than taking from it. they take me to nature walks a lot and taught me that we are a part of nature and that we are nature, we are in perfect harmony with nature and that we should always look after the environment rather than hurting it. they taught me to never take more than i need from nature and never waste resources (like food and water) because there are people in the world that are suffering from resources shortages and don’t have the daily blessings that i take for granted (so that i am always grateful for what i have and never take anything for granted).

they have a lot of wisdom to share, but they also know how to have fun. apart from awesome nature walks, they play video games with me. they watch movies with me. they play sports, and do real outdoor stuffs with me. they taught me to never back down from achieving my dreams no matter how big they are, take on the whole world with courage and be the strongest person in the world if i have to.

relationship-wise, they taught me to be polite and kind to others. never cause inconvenience in public or to friends. be less self-serving in a friendship/relationship. always give more than i take. they influenced me to be more like them — when i hang with family, friends or my partner, i give them full attention rather than looking at my phone all the time. i am 100% present and i listen with my whole heart when people speak to me.

this is the perks of growing up with grandparents. this is why there are so many people that look up to me, simply because i’m too perfect (i dunno what happened — everything else is well but it seems they didn’t work on my ego lol).

hope you’ve learned something today. ilu, stay dope! 💞

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