so many breakups this year

and a lot of us blame COVID for it, and label this year as ‘the worst year ever’. well, fear not! i am here to explain why have there been so many breakups this year and i will use my own experience to help you cope with it as well if you’re going through the same painful event in your life right now.

you might ask — what leads to so many breakups this year? and the answer might be complete irrelevant to your rational logical mind, and here’s the answer:

during quarantine, many people have either lost their jobs or their businesses, temporarily or even permanently (if you were affected i’m so sorry to hear that and my heart goes out to you and i assure you that everything will be ok). and this ‘stay home’ thing really allowed us to reflect on who we are and what we really want. losing our conventional 9 to 5 jobs is such an adventurous and revolutionary thing that, if nature never did it for us, we would never choose to face our fears and quit those jobs by our own will.

i always trust nature and the flow of energy of the universe. i think it freed us from slavery to jobs that we hate and opened our minds up to a whole new reality where it forces us (in a good way) to live a more authentic life with true integrity. why is it good? because when you live and provide with authenticity and integrity, you’re passionate, and you unlock your limitless potential within you, you have so much more to offer to the world, you have so much more value to create for the world (and in return, for yourself as well, in many folds). you shine like a superstar when you make a conscious choice of doing what you love in this lifetime instead of ‘just getting by’ with a job that doesn’t resonate with who you really are.

as we reflect on who we are, and most importantly — ‘what do i really want in life’? — questions like these really gives us answers, not just for your jobs but also for other areas in life (relationships and lifestyle choices). i’ll explain with my own experiences —
instead of rolling with the karmic cycle, COVID allowed me to hit the PAUSE button, and the karmic cycle of ‘just getting by’ literally stopped! i realized my vegetarian lifestyle needed change! i still felt unclean and bloated and i was still gaining unhealthy weight. not going out with family and friends gave me the chance to reflect on, and revolutionarily change, my eating habits. i am now completely vegan and i feel better than ever! my head is clearer and i have more energy each day, allowing me to get more work done (for what i’m truly passionate about). i eat less — my body requires less food because there’s no more junk if everything i eat is healthy and nutritious real food.

this happened with my relationship too —
instead of just getting by and rolling with the karmic cycle of mindlessly but routinely seeing that person everyday, doing the same things everyday, being attached to them even when they’re emotionally manipulative (and when arguments arise, could be a bit abusive as well), the PAUSE button also stopped this vicious relationship cycle! i realized that i did notice the person was not right for me at all and i did suffer more than creating a blissful and enjoyable relationship between us, then i noticed that the reason i was still with them was to feed my ego — i wanted to appear to my friends as the role model that they looked up to — i didn’t want my flawless image to be hurt due to the breakup. i wanted them to see me as capable of solving all problems within my relationship and maintain the longest, the most romantic fairytale-like relationship ever. i’ve bluffed to everyone, every friend and family member, about how ‘awesome’ my perfect romance was, that my biggest fear was i’d lose street-cred if i officially breakup with the person. i cared more about what others would see me than what i really wanted.

i don’t know if anyone else relate to that coz i have not seen anyone with the same super-size-ego as the one i had (and still have lol), but the point is, beneath the ‘fairytale-level-romance’, that relationship was actually hurting me and draining me out. i never had the chance to ask ‘what do i REALLY want’ before i hit the PAUSE button (or the PAUSE button hit me, lol). if i reflected myself on that question earlier i’d surely realize that ‘sacrificing my happiness in order to feed my huge ego’ was probably NOT what i REALLY wanted, lol..

long story short, all these staying-home stuff changed our routine and the new stuffs that i did with the person surfaced a lot of pain and hurt — a LOT of truth surfaced — and turned out they been seeing someone behind my back for a while. they used many excuses to cover up the fact that they were downright two-timing (could be multi-timing, who knows anymore), and in the old days i’d just buy their lies. but because i was allowed to review and contemplate upon ‘what do i really want’, that cheating axx shet is NOT what i want anymore! so i was like ‘i no ur wiv me coz im incredibly hawt, but there’s no emotional value to our shet, im sick of it all. im not a cheap slvt for u to two-time on, i deserve respect. u no wut, enuf iz enuf, bai’. and just like that, i never said another thing to them and they never said anything back (partially because i’ve blocked them lol).

so what happened after my breakup?
unlike the past stories i’ve heard about breaking-ups, i didn’t experience intense pain. i asked a good-ol’ trusted friend for advice — have i gone numb? is my heart completely shut off from emotions and maybe one day the pain will resurface? or have i lost my mind and moral? why me, the most compassionate, the most emotional person, not feel any pain or regrets at all? their answer was — ‘nope, you’re still sane, and as far as i know you’re still you, you’re not behaving any weirdly. the reason you’re not feeling any emotional pain is because you’ve just had it. you’ve had enough. you’ve long ago already had enough during the events leading up to the breakup. your emotions were ready for a breakup way earlier so when the real thing happened it didn’t come as a surprise’.

man, sometimes you just get the best advice from the person you least expect! and that was exactly it! that was exactly the answer i was seeking! so what happened afterwards? well, after i reflected on ‘what do i REALLY want’, i pictured a person of my dreams — someone who’s vegan (or at least someone with a vegetarian-dominant diet — not tryna be racist against meat-lovers.. it’s just so that i don’t get made fun of everyday by someone like my ex, for being who i am and eating what i eat. and selecting restaurants would be less of a pain); someone who loves music enough to be able to compose their own songs/write their own lyrics; someone who’s gentle, polite and considerate; someone with better balanced feminine and masculine energy so that intimacy with them doesn’t feel like banging on a giant potato (emotionally); someone older and wiser who’s more on the spiritual side and less on the material side; someone who’s not too tall (again, not tryna be racist against tall people — my ex was like an Eucalyptus tree and it was a bit hard to cope for me with my average-height, lol); someone who’s as ambitious as i am (well, at least not a mama’s-boi who still lives at home and financially dependent in their 40s and does nothing but playing computer games at home 258); someone who pursue their own passion for a true living instead of just getting by with a conventional 9 to 5 job that they hate; someone with real and artistic fashion sense instead of just throwing dirty rugs and trash bags on their body. and bonus points — someone who’s from my soul family whom looks like me and vibes in complete harmony with me on an energetic level.

i have to say, even though as a master of manifestation, the way the universe brings awesomeness into your life still surprises me everyday! as soon as i declared what i really want in life, the right person appeared!!! as soon as i clearly told myself what i really want and pictured those qualities, the exact person that matches those qualities appeared! it happened so super fast that i had the chance to relate this as what i’ve exactly manifested! even the bonus points matched! so now knowing this person is exactly what i’ve attracted with my powerful mind and the law of attraction, i know for sure that the universe is responding to what i command. i know for sure that this is my conscious choice instead of just rolling with the karmic cycle of getting-by.

so why are there so many breakups this year? because we finally know what we really want in life. trust me, when you’re with the right partner for you, you would KNOW! no more drama, no more intense pain and anxiety.. EVERYTHING feels right! you’ll even have more energy throughout the day because you’re so loved and supported! and you get more stuffs done. and your dreams and goals in life take shapes and forms and they don’t seem so beyond reach anymore! you’re happier and healthier as well!

you do that too ok? write down the qualities of your dream partner. you might not know who they are yet, so just write down the qualities that you believe is your dream partner. nothing/no one is ‘too good’ for you, ok, so unleash your imagination and self-love! even if they don’t match with all the qualities you’ve written down, i’d say if 80% match, that’s your person! that’s the universe responding to your conscious choice and integrity! if i can attract someone so perfect for myself, you can too! the qualities i’ve pictured in my head was so out of the world that i didn’t even think anyone like that still existed in this world lol.. you’re good enough and you deserve the best for you! believe me! the universe always works in your favor, if you just hit the PAUSE and asked ‘what do i really want’!

ilu, stay positive, stay dope 💖

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