your weakness is your strength

guys vassup! i’ma just get straight into today’s topic!

have you ever complimented someone about something that they’re really good at, but instead of taking the compliment they blush and tell you that they’re not good at it at all? yeah, you’re that person too sometimes lol.. you’re so good at something but you keep denying it (and the person complimenting you is super confused and wish that you see what they see in yourself — the talent, the beauty and the awesomeness). have you ever wondered why this happens? no? i thought so too lol.. but i’m gonna explain why anyway (just because i can) 😄

the fact is, you don’t have a weakness at all. ‘weakness’ is very subjective. it varies from person to person, because our experiences and expectations determine what’s ‘good enough’ and what’s not, thus the notion of ‘weakness’ is very personal. your own ‘weaknesses’ are labeled as ‘weakness’ by yourself — those ‘weaknesses’ could include things that you feel that you’re not doing ‘well enough’, or the feeling that you’re not being your best self, or the things you do/the results that you produce do not meet with your SUPER HIGH expectations. the reason is simple — you have super high expectation for you in a certain area simply because your subconscious mind knows that you’re so good at it that you can even do better than you already can. but the bridge between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind marveling at yourself is wack, therefore, unfortunately, your conscious mind kinda just translates this whole phenomenon as ‘i’m not good enough at this’, thus the belief that ‘this is my weakness’.

let’s put the formula into an equation so that i can explain it better: if you think your weakness is cooking italian food, chances are, you’re already good at it, and that you are a super awesome cook. your subconscious mind knows that you have unlimited potential to improve as a cook (because you’re super good at it already and that it believes in you), and that it believes that you can cook even better and more authentic italian food. but somehow your self-doubt kicks in, your fear and negativity takes over your feelings, and you take it as ‘i suck at making italian food’. you’re an old soul, you’ve already done this before, you’re literally a masterpiece, the ultimate beauty/perfection of a person, and all the wisdom and knowledge about perfecting the things that you love is already written in your heart, you just gotta unpack your wisdom and shine like a superstar!

ok mateys, in conclusion, if you have a weakness, chances are, you’re already good at it! if your dream hasn’t come true yet, you’re already doing it! don’t give up, you’re so close to manifesting your perfection! because YOU ARE PERFECTION! so don’t let your self-doubt stop you from doing more of what you love! don’t EVER let your fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams! believe in yourself! learn to love yourself more! calm down and learn more about yourself through others’ praises! there’s nothing more wonderful than to be able to marvel at who you are and the masterpieces that you’re able to make and the masterful skills that you ALREADY have!

ilu, stay SUPERSTAR! 🌟🙌🏻💖

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