don’t let god be the reason you miss god

i might have made the title too short and precise. what i meant by that is — don’t let your obsession of god (or your own concept or version of belief of god) be the reason that you miss out on what everyday life is teaching you about the true essence of god.

if you’re familiar with my style of writing, you would know that i kept saying ‘oh ok, you can refer them to ‘the universe’ or ‘god’ or ‘the creator’ or what resonates with you’, because i hate to offend people. you will understand me better when you’re also enlightened and understand that i see everyone equally. i not only believe, but also know this as truth, that even if you don’t believe in my version or concept of god, even if you have a different understanding of god, or if you’re satanist or plain hardcore atheist, i know for a fact that you’re, as they say, ‘saved’ (i’d rather call it that you’re loved and supported 100% by the universe). you’re family, you’re one with us and the creator no matter what. i’m all inclusive.

it hurts the worst when i see people using their own religion to promote separatism, just to boost their own ego. there’s no spirituality in that at all. there’s no truth in doing that at all. there’s no benefit to humanity in doing that at all. this is why, as a highly evolved spiritual being, i vibe better with atheists than some religious people when they’ve done it for their own ego.

don’t get me wrong. ego is not a bad thing. it propels you to strive to do better in life. however, don’t soak up in it, coz it’ll definitely make you lose your way. you’ll completely forget who you are or why you’re here. too much ego will definitely cause you pain when you forget about the true essence of our universe and yourself is Unconditional Love.

ever since i was a kid i’ve noticed my spiritual powers, and i’ve always had strong connections with divine spirits, include what y’all call, god. i didn’t know what to do about it. i was raised in an atheist family and i’ve never been taught about the spiritual world. as a person educated under unenlightened sources, i looked outwards for answers. i looked feverishly for the ‘right’ religion for myself. i tried all of them and none of them worked out until i found Hinduism. not saying this is the ‘right’ one for everyone.. i believe there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ religions, there’s just ‘the one that vibes with you’. everyone is on their own unique path with their own lessons to learn, their own versions of healings to go through. i’m not here to judge or recommend religions lol.. and imo spirituality is best pursued without a strong attachment to a particular religion. it allows you to be more open to different people and possibilities in the world, therefore you heal faster, and you advance faster on the path of Enlightenment.

what do i mean by opening your mind to different people and possibilities in the world? now this is the core of today’s topic — i believe god and their divine conscious is in everything and everyone, and every single cell of everyone’s body, and every single atom of everybody’s every cell. i don’t think there’s anywhere or anything in the world (or other dimensions of the multiverse) where we’re not connected as one entity, where god’s divine energy/consciousness isn’t present. these unanimated things and people, plants, animals that you see and experience everyday (sunshine, air, water, fire etc) isn’t just god’s creations, those ARE god as well as their creations! in other words, god is fully and evenly present in all their creations! including yourself! well that’s another blog lol.. i can already sense my fellow christian bros and sis’ freaking out about this new concept so i’ll just stop here lol.. i love u all 💞

in conclusion — god isn’t ‘out there’, outside of you, outside of reach, outside of this world. they’re right here right now fully and evenly present in everything and everyone, within you and around you 258! you’re always loved and supported by their unconditional love 258! when you need their help just ask! you don’t have to suffer or pay them back later, they never ask you to! that’s what unconditional love is all about, do not let your ego taint the pure integrity of unconditional love! it is sinful to live an unhappy life, because god’s only intention is for you to heal and to be happy in this lifetime right here right now! (oh there i go, i just explained what ‘sins’ really are, what a bonus 😆). so stop looking upwards or outwards and pretend you’re already a better person than people that don’t believe in your god (that’s engineered by your own ego). i know you’re suffering when you do that — you might appear to others as this righteous and happy person because only people like you got ‘saved by god’, but you ain’t fooling me.

so drop your barrier against none-believers, drop your ego against people with different lifestyles and opinions. to experience the true god, you don’t even need to look outwards too much coz they’re already within you. and don’t miss out on experiencing god through everyday activities. god doesn’t just live in your church; god doesn’t just boost their magical powers on christmas, they’re everywhere, and accessible everyday with infinite power all the time, ready to give you love and ready to provide you with infinite abundance 258! don’t let your obsession be the reason that you miss out on the daily (and every-moment) god. it might be the roadside flower that makes your day. go appreciate its immense beauty, because god is fully expressing their beauty through that flower with 100% integrity! don’t miss out on the beautiful trees and ocean. don’t miss out on the beautiful rocks and crystals. they’re all perfect moments where you can appreciate god.

there’s as much god’s magnificence in an ocean as in a drop of water. don’t let size fool you. don’t let any illusion to divert you from your path. ‘the devil’ is simply your own fear created by your own logical mind and your ego. let go of your false identity and fully embrace god, radiate love and choose to think positively about everything and everyone, then you’ll be fearless and the concepts of ‘devil’ or ‘hell’ will simply be irrelevant to you.

don’t miss out on experiencing god through people either — they’re perfect mirrors for you to learn more about yourself from. they either teach you a lesson about your flaws (or, as i would like to call it, ‘areas in your life that you can immediately improve’), or, if you meet really dope people that you look up to, they’re perfect mirrors of your inner beauty and your true but dormant talents and power. therefore, don’t miss out on the daily god through everyone that you meet — they’re god expressing through other people to promote real healing within you, and to awaken your true strength.

ilu, have a super dope wonderful day 💞

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