ignore judgmental people

and most importantly, love yourself! hi guys, welcome to another one of my rants! let’s get straight into today’s topic!

up until just last month, i’ve shared my place with Crusty for almost a decade. and to think in retrospect on what Mel Robbins said in one of her older videos i’ve watched — it’s your choice whom you live with. can’t be any truer! when i was younger i was just this compassionate person that let ungrateful people manipulate and take advantage of me. i guess you learn and grow, and that’s what life’s all about. now i’ve learned to only spend time with like-minded people that i vibe with. i choose to only help and inspire people that actually accept my inspiring messages and that actually do want to improve. i didn’t kick Crusty out because i thought omg he prolly couldn’t survive on his own, and i spent everyday tryna inspire him just to get backfired, but i still didn’t give up the hope that he would change, lol..

ok, so before i kicked Crusty out, while offering financial and spiritual help to him, he didn’t just ungratefully ignore all my help and inspiring and uplifting messages, my positive words and blissful attitude towards life actually DISTURBED him! he would complain about how ‘bad’ the society is and how ‘dangerous’ the world is, FIRST THING IN THE MORNING RIGHT AFTER HE WAKES UP! EVERY! SINGLE! MORNING! imagine what it does to my day, if the first thing in the morning you hear is ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! THE WORLD IS SO F***ED UP! NO ONE CAN ESCAPE! WE’RE DOOMED!!!!!!!!’ yeah! i mean, i’m pretty sure he has severe mental issues but he’s just denying it coz every time i suggested for him to see a psychiatrist he’d get extremely mad and yell at me for at least half an hour, so in the end i just give up suggesting help for him.

ok let’s get back to the topic.. praise da lawd that i have a strong soul compass (first heard this beautifully put phrase from Gregg Braden) that i never let his negativity ruin me. it was hard to achieve any goals but i grew stronger. to defeat his negativity, i’ve grown this unshakable positive inner core belief that this world is good and that the essence of the universe and nature is Unconditional Love, therefore everyone’s loved and everyone’s dreams and goals are supported by a Miracle Force. i believe every problem in a person and in the world is only temporary. problems are here for us to grow and to be able to recognize the good that’s in everyone and everything.

Crusty didn’t like it when i try to inspire him, lol.. he would judge harshly on me. he would say that only politics matters because it concerns everyone (but humans survived just fine without it. nature survived beautifully and perfectly without politics). in his opinion, politics is greater than Humanity. he would be just like the angry mobs on twitter that wish death upon politicians (even when they had a stroke on camera, or when they catch a deadly disease) than showing any human sides or sympathy towards them as a fellow human. there’s nothing sadder than to let negative beliefs in the world and in life to entirely soak up a person in politics, completely believe in the illusion of separation and competition, and completely lose their humanness. so i say these things to him, he would RAGE and get into MURDER mode against me! he would say i’m just immature and my positivity about the world has no rational explanations or solid foundations behind it (coz DUH, Unconditional Love is felt within the heart. logical rationality would just RUIN ITS INTEGRITY!).

anyways, Crusty would also judge harshly on my Hindu guru. he would go full racist against him. that’s just gross. he would INTENTIONALLY pick a fight by making me super mad. i didn’t know it was just a trap and that he was just bored and that he actually enjoy fighting people irl (coz fighting people on twitter wasn’t satisfying enough for his severe mental disease). when i realized arguing with him would just SATISFY him and has no impact on helping the world at all, i stopped arguing altogether. i leave him be. he’s got madder than ever when i ignore him, but he couldn’t say a word coz nobody’s saying anything or fighting back! HA! sometimes silence is the strongest weapon, never forget that!

in the old days he’d make fun of my voice. MY BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!! he’d tell me ‘it’s too high pitched! are you tryna pretend to be a little girl or something? STOP PRETENDING, IT’S GROSSING ME OUT, JUST TALK LIKE A NORMAL PERSON WITH A LOWER PITCH!!!’ yeah, he would literally say that and REPEAT IT everyday!!! GROSS!!! well, when i was younger i didn’t know better. i was too ignorant to realize that he was just jealous of my beautiful voice and tried to take my happiness away from me because he wasn’t happy about himself. i thought there’s something wrong with my voice or the way i talked.. i grew increasingly self-aware of it and would talk even less and softer in public so people don’t notice my voice..

then when i started posting youtube videos, i got a lot of people complimenting on my voice. not one, not two, but loadsa people did! it made me realize that these people (that don’t know each other) were telling the truth and Crusty was just being his usual negative self! after i kicked Crusty out, i started talking louder and now i even started sharing my singing videos and people absolutely loved them!

all my problems are gone when i chose to love myself. i realized living with Crusty was a mistake. he’s too dependent on my financial support that he takes everything for granted. he would even complain about the peaceful neighborhood and all the neighbors in it.. he would complain about how ‘unsafe’ this place is (as part of his ‘EVERYONE IS DOOMED’ belief lol), even though this is the SAFEST neighborhood consist of Forbes top 15 billionaires. Tony Robbins was doing an exercise with people. let me demonstrate: count how many letter O’s are in this sentence. ok, u did it? so how many letter M’s did you find? ikr, i asked you to look for O’s but now i’m asking u how many M’s.. you prolly didn’t even notice any lol.. that’s because when your mind is focused on one thing, you won’t see the others, even when they’re right in front of you just as the other thing that you’re paying your attentions to! so in this case, Crusty ONLY PAID HIS ATTENTION TO BAD THINGS and he never saw any good in the place he lived in or in the good people that are around him 258! (so i’ve vowed to shift my attention to only see and notice the good in everything and everyone! imagine what my life’s gonna be like! and what Crusty’s gonna be like, when he only does the opposite.. different attitudes toward life makes huge differences in just 24 hours.. imagine what it does in a decade, a lifetime! and who’s the ‘silly’ person now? positivity never done me any harm, and all my problems are gone once i started chose to love myself)!! now i get exactly why he was ‘making fun of my guru’! he wasn’t simply racist, he did it purposely (or subconsciously) to drag me down to his level so that i never get a spiritual breakthrough to come to the realization that keeping him and his negativity around was a mistake!

i realized that what they said about ‘loving yourself is a job only you can do for yourself’ can’t be any truer! and i really wanna share this with you guys! if you don’t love yourself, nobody else will do that for you! not even people that you trust enough to live with on a daily basis for the past 10 years! people will surely kick you around, walk all over you, when you don’t even love yourself! be strong! screw’em judgmental people! they’re not here to support you! and what they say about you is NOT true! they say mean things to you because they’re not satisfied with their own lives and they don’t love themselves enough! i’m so grateful that you’ve made it this far! so now i’ma share the most inspirational activity for you to do that will SHIFT YOUR LIFE NOW!!!


ilu 💞 have a lovely day!!! 💖

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