how being understanding and open minded helped me

hey sup! let’s get straight into the topic lol. through today’s experience i’ve learned that, even though everyone’s personal goals and purpose in life may vary, the collective purpose for humanity here on earth is TO HEAL. yeah, your life is that powerful! and in order to heal, you become more understanding and open minded towards other people and life itself.

we as humans have been taught to misunderstand the nature of life and of the universe for too long. it engraved into our minds that life’s supposed to be hard, we don’t deserve too much happiness, indulging in living a joyful life is ‘bad’, and that suffering is honorable etc.. i dunno what u believe in but THAT’S JUST PLAIN WRONG! as a parent, it feels nasty for you to watch your kids suffer. that’s because you are not only ‘a part of nature’, you ARE nature. that’s nature working from within you. it is your inner being remembering nature and how it works/feels, that’s the essence of nature and of our universe (or, say, God, if you’re religious), i.e., it feels nasty when nature/universe/God sees you suffer! just as how you feel toward your kids (or physical creations, may it be your cooking, an invention or creative artwork etc), you would want them to flourish and thrive. YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO SUFFER OR GET DESTROYED! same way, nature and god does NOT want to see you suffer or living a painful life! nature gave birth to you and her only intention is for you to be happy and live a happy and joyful life! and today’s experience reassured me of that Truth.

me and my friend (let’s call him tony for now. totally not his real name )’s friend john (totally not his real name) never got along. and today john completely faced the ‘hatred’ head-on and told everyone why we had so many problems (his friends couldn’t stop asking questions). mine and tony’s reactions didn’t help the situation when john went a bit more bitter. then i realized i was extra reactive because of all the other noises around me rather than tony and john themselves. so i took a deep breath, stood up and walked around a little bit, shut out all the side-noises (the judging voices and other curious questions from other people) and only focus on tony and john’s energies. and i started to understand what the universe was tryna teach me by understanding how tony and john was feeling at that moment.

suddenly i realized what the universe was tryna teach me was to be more open-minded about others, and always do your best to understand where they came from. and immediately i let go of my frustration. they were like old snake skin that shed away instantly. i no longer held any grudges. and i told john how i really felt — that i might have misunderstood his humor in the past, which caused a lot of misunderstanding along the way. but i no longer have problems with anything that he said. i felt like we can only move on in life if we heal our emotions and break the vicious cycle. so i made it clear that what’s in the past are bridge over troubled water and there’s nothing to worry about anymore on my end. and as soon as i opened up and showed more understanding towards him, he opened up as well and apologized for causing drama and calling me names. that was amazing. i totally didn’t expect that. but what the universe also taught me is that when your words have integrity and when you face your true feelings, when you show genuine understanding towards others, they will mirror that back to you and show lots of understanding toward yourself!

after that i thanked tony for being a great medium in helping us make up to one another, and, again, unexpectedly, tony thanked me for being mature about the situation and finally made everything work out for everybody.

through that i’ve also realized the subtle mirrors and lessons that the universe was trying to teach me — it is that this experience mirrored back to my other painful experience almost 10 years ago that i never got the time to heal.. it’s also a friend’s friend didn’t get along with me and the experience almost ’caused’ me to lose my original friend.. i guess it’s true that if you don’t heal from one situation, if you don’t break the karmic cycle (as they call it), you’ll never break free from it and similar situations will ALWAYS emerge UNTIL you choose to HEAL! i realized me and john ‘hated’ each other in the past because at least one of us (me, in this case) was in self-denial, and was in escape mode (subconsciously hiding from my 10-years-ago-pain)! u can’t hide forever! coz the universe will chase u up until u heal lol..

in conclusion, i am grateful for the universe of giving me the opportunity to grow, to break the cycle and have a real breakthrough (and a breakthrough for my friends as well)! you will begin to heal when you’re genuinely willing to understand others, when you have an open mind about other people and life in general.

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