update on quitting social media

Hey guys, vassup! Like I said in my last blog, I’m taking a break from social media because of the increasing hatred that’s been going on (and intensified recently as a result of the US election).

Just a bit of update on that: it’s only been a few days and I feel great! You don’t realize how much more time you’ll end up having when you quit as simple as just one social media app (the one I quit was Twitter). I told my followers that I’m only quitting it temporarily and coming back on daddy’s birthday next month, but because life feels so good without it, I’m not sure if I’m ever getting back on it lol..

So here’s how I feel now (and changes of routines) in comparison to before:

BEFORE: The first thing in the morning was to check whether I gained more followers or not (or, in rare cases, lost followers). Then I check the notifications to see what people tweeted or replied to me. Then I go on checking my favorite people’s tweets. This whole thing can take up to 1 to 1 and a half hours. I KNOW RIGHT! And when I see hateful things I wake up upset and it affects the whole day (less energy, less focused, easier to irritate, feeling the need to spread more hate back into the twitterverse).

NOW: I now wake up happy,🌞checking on phone notifications is no longer a priority first thing in the morning. I get up sooner with more energy. Depending on the weather I go out for walks during some mornings. I get up at 4am to 5am now. Waking up happy and energetic really is the key to a happy day (and imagine if everyday is a happy day, your whole life is a happy life)!

BEFORE: I would check on phone notifications throughout the day, even when I’m cooking or traveling. I would check on them when I’m working or doing creative projects. VERY DISTRACTING! Sometimes it’d take up to an hour each session! Imagine if I check on the app 5 times a day, I’d lose a total of 5 hours per day!!! Add that up and imagine you live up to 100 years and you’d probably lose a few decades by then!!! I would think about it 258, and EVERYTHING I did I would think ‘how would I complain about this on twitter today’.. TOXIC!!! It literally turns an otherwise positive and decent person into a dingding!

NOW: I concentrate better while working on my creative projects. I no longer grab my phone during the middle of a brainstorming session and in return I create the best projects now. I get more done in 3 days than I could EVER DONE in a MILLION YEARS because some projects require so much concentration and good vibes that I never had when my WHOLE LIFE was consumed in social media!!! I started projects that I never had the mental power or concentration to even BEGIN while soaked up in social media! I am now 100 times more productive! And I noticed I’m more positive too! Things that could stress me out in the past only gives me giggles now (and I’ve only quit social media literally just last week lol).

BEFORE: I would check on social media right before bed. I would dream about the hate sometimes, and wake up tired.

NOW: NO MORE CHECKING ON STRESSFUL STUFF BEFORE BED! WOO!!! I sleep better and wake up PUMPED FOR THE DAY!!! I have a positive outlook on life and I am more grateful for things that I have and place that I live at and friends and family 💞 I love myself more, and I no longer compare anything with anyone else. I am living bliss 258 🙌🏻🌟🌴

Guys, quit social media (unless you sell on it), or at least quit it once in a while. The positive impact mentally and physically is immense. You would NOT know how dope life actually is without it if you’ve never tried! (and it’s scary to think that it did make an impact at all, since EVERYONE that I follow on Twitter are positive and dope people just like myself. I’m guessing the hate and suggested tweets/stories/notifications penetrates whenever they had a chance).

Guys, stay dope! Life’s so dope you can’t not love it! Love is the answer to everything! When you’re stuck, look to Nature — its essence is pro life, and it keeps providing, without bias, without judgments, without holding back! Because Unconditional Love is the Truth in EVERYTHING! Love u so much, u have mi blessings 💖

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