Taking a Break From Social Media

And user name change! Hi guys, it’s me again. My old username did NOT represent who I am or what I’m here for. My current purpose is to help and inspire as many people with my wisdom as possible. However, my old username represented someone who’s immature and probably hated themselves lol..

OK let’s now get straight into today’s topic — it’s healthy to take a break from social media once in a while. I’d say it’s best to take a break 2 days every week, but if you can’t do that, there’s no better time to take an emergency break than right now.

Most people complain about social media for being ‘toxic’. I am tough and I can take a lot of hate, so I never had a problem before. Unfortunately, even I am noticing the excessive hate at this moment. There are good friends and even content creators that I used to watch on a daily basis that are sharing the same death-wishes upon certain people, just because they have different political opinions. 😔 It is so sad seeing people you used to trust and love (for their pure and compassionate hearts) turning into giant hate machines because of politics.

To me, Humanity is always greater than politics. I believe no matter who someone is, where they’re from, what they believe in, what gender identity they have or what orientation they reside, they are one humanity and we’re all connected by Unconditional Love. The Universe loves each and one of us without judgements and bias. It offers Unconditional Love to everyone. Nobody gets more, nobody gets less, because Unconditional Love is infinite. The Universe supports everyone’s dream without limits or bias, and all it wants is for us to be happy. Nobody is a victim or disadvantaged unless they believe in labels and get trapped in small boxes and do/say things that are self-limiting.

It is undeniable that humanity as a whole is going through chaotic times right now, and many people are affected on a personal level (emotionally and physically). I hope that through difficult times, we come out the other way, learning to support and look out for one another, rather than wishing horrible death upon people. Let me tell you — no matter how much you hate a politician or anyone famous, wishing death upon them will send out horrendous energy out into the universe, and similar energy will bounce back at you (not saying you’ll die from wishing death upon others, but your health and mental health will definitely be compromised. This sentence doesn’t go to everyone that reads this blog, it is only a reminder for the people who did indeed wish horrible things upon even the people that they hate). The Universe’ job isn’t to judge or change that energy for you, it simply bounces it right back at you, because it is a pure mirror. You don’t see a mirror judging you or lie and reflect somebody else’ face when you’re looking into it. So here’s a word for those hateful people: if you wish to live a happy life, if you believe your life is filled with too much imposed hatred, please change your inner software and belief. You felt hurt because the people you hate are doing well. Maybe, just maybe, they’re not out there trying to hurt you? Maybe they’re successful because they simply have a positive approach towards life? Maybe it is your own labels and belief that are hurting yourself? The solution is easy — change your belief. Change it by changing your self image. Learn to love yourself first and a whole beautiful world will open up to you!

I am currently taking a one-month break from social media. I will be back on daddy’s birthday. I’m going to use this time to concentrate on reading and improving myself. I’m also learning new skills like new languages and new game-development skills. I am also practicing more drawing and getting tutorials on how to do anime/manga style drawings. I am also exercising more, and eating better.

Take care! I’ll still be here creating content, just not gonna be using social media a lot. Think positive thoughts and do what makes you happy! Have a wonderful day/evening! If life’s tough, just believe that everything is already better! Believe that Love is the only Truth and it is the answer for all your problems. You have my blessings 💞

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