fear = not enough love

hi sup! welcome to a new diary entry from your fave content creator! as u already know, i skip intro and get straight into what i want to say: recently i’ve been intentionally pushing my boundaries and consciously stepping out of my comfort zone — i went grocery shopping 😂

i have to admit, the first few times i was freaking out! as you know, i live with General Crusty. his entire life is based upon fear (just like most of y’all. jk lol), he’s been tryna instill fear into ME! even BEFORE corona hit australia, he was ALREADY freaking out, tryna drag me down with him! he been talking about how ‘scary’ corona is 258 ever since late late LAST YEAR!!!

i’m not a fear-based person. i’m solution based and positive. however, he SUCCESSFULLY GOT ME CONCERNED!!! (bebs, this is why i kept telling y’all to BE AWARE OF WHO YOU SURROUND YOURSELVES WITH!!!) so yeah, to counterattack the fear Crusty instilled in me, i’ve decided to step outta mi comfort zone.

still under Crusty’s influence, the first few times of doing grocery shopping i was freaking out. then something happened and it woke me up from this nightmare — a boy coughed behind me 😂 at first i froke out big time!😱 then, when fear overwhelms, something beautiful happened — i ended up becoming fearless! the boy reminded me something my guru has taught me — i tell u bebs, if i forget EVERYTHING that mi guru teaches me, i would NEVER forget this one thing, which is: see yourself as everyone’s mom (even if you’re a guy)! at first i was really confused, however, i was too curious not to give it a try lol.. AND IT WORKED LOL.. it liberated me from jealousy, hatred, and loadsa unnecessary fear! i looked at the boy and thought, if i’m his mom, i would NOT run away or turn away or turn angry at him for coughing behind me (btw there’s no way he did it on purpose to begin with), rather, i would go check whether if he’s ok (and if he’s cold i’d get him a jacket).

it was such a healing moment for myself. i have gained a deep insight into why we fear (especially right now, why we fear other people, why we suffer from so much anxiety) — it all comes down to not trusting enough, which is a big result of not love enough. and love is a funny thing — it’s always a two-way (actually all-round), universal thing. we gotta learn to love ourselves first, otherwise we can’t love others. my love for others are not what an organization or someone tells me to do, it is not forced, rather, it is unconditional, with full integrity (coz i love myself that way 😝 ).

and i just wanna take the opportunity to share what i’ve learned from Dan Peña — his dad taught him that if you don’t trust others you won’t be able to trust yourself. i realized, at that very moment (after the boy coughed behind me), how important Trust is! first of all, you gotta trust your own immune system not to be affected by corona at all; secondly, you gotta trust the universe that it is a friendly universe (and that Unconditional Love is what it has originated from); thirdly, you’ve gotta trust that not everyone that coughs has got the corona lol.. maybe they choked on their own spit, or maybe they got some kinda allergy, or maybe they simply had a dry throat.

unconditional love (and pretending i’m everyone’s mom 😆) totally and completely healed me from corona-fear (let’s shorten it to ‘co-fe’ from now on). whenever i see people who are sick or need extra help, i send blessings to them instead of running away in fear. it helped me taking on everyday’s tasks with so much more love and compassion like a boss! i am completely liberated and fearless! and i just know that i can carry this mindset like a boss even AFTER corona blows over, because it’s a permanent positive change for me! it pushed my enlightenment to the next level! 🎰🌟

this doesn’t just apply to co-fe — fear in general is caused by not loving (yourself and others) enough! when you unconditionally love everyone and everything around you, fear has no room to stand!

so bebes, LOVE! TRUST! RADIATE THIS AWESOME FREQUENCY OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 258 WHEREVER YOU ARE! DO IT, YOU WON’T REGRET IT! (and secretly see yourself as the mother to everyone and thank me later) 💖🌟

Photo by Zsu00f3fia Fehu00e9r on Pexels.com

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