A Boy’s Laughter

can i just say that a boy’s laughter changed how i look at life? hi guys, sup! welcome to another dope blog!

2 days ago i just knew that i had to go outside, simply because the energy here living with crusty (somebody that freeloads on me without any gratitude at all) is becoming too stagnate and my creative energy was totally stuck with too much of his negativity around. went to the games and pop culture store. found what i was looking for — a miniature headball of the comic version of james rallison (been reading his books lately, super funny, super healing for some reason). there’s bigger plushies of the same guy and a big squishy headball.

out of nowhere, a small boy approached from behind (he’s half the height as me and in school uniforms so i assume he’s in elementary school, about 8 years old) and as he grabbed the big squishy headball, he uttered the most innocent, non-pretentious laughter i’ve heard in years! you can say the laughter was like music, but it was the most innocent piece of music, a bit like mozart’s sonatas, without the romantic ‘guy loves girl, girl loves boy’ stuff, without any attachments, without any pain patterns. it was so healing. his heart was completely open — he’s one with me at that moment, looking at the same toys that bring joy to us, without any judgments whether i’m his friend/mom/dad, none of those logical analysis from the mind — he was just one with me.

i’ve noticed this with kids many times now and for some reason i tend to draw innocent kids to me wherever i am (usually at toy stores and supermarkets). they feel safe around me. they are so innocent and trusting and non-judgmental. btw we were also of different ‘races’ as well, and there’s absolutely zero racial barrier between us at that moment.

as he grabbed on the squishy headball, he said ‘this is so funny 😆 ‘ and at that moment i realized how easy to make a kid happy. look at us as adults! what can make us happy anymore? we’ve lost the ability to feel happy! everyone’s stressed out. everyone let politics define who they are. everyone’s letting their pain patterns and sufferings define who they are. everyone’s cherishing the things that they’re worrying about on a daily basis, because without those things, they simply lose the sense of self. people on twitter actively searching for world issues that they don’t even know the causes of, just to tweet around, spreading negativity, pretending that they’re a ‘better person’ than simpletons like me. if you don’t worry about something, you’re labeled as ‘childish’ and ‘indifferent’. REALLY?!!!! this is WHY there are problems in the world, because Y’ALL CHERISH PROBLEMS!!! Y’ALL PREFER PROBLEMS OVER HAPPINESS!!! YOU’VE LOST THE ABILITY TO FEEL HAPPINESS THEREFORE YOU USE THESE THINGS AS EXCUSES FOR THE PAINS IN YOUR LIFE AND THE MISTAKES YOU’VE MADE.

now meditate on those capped words. and let me show you the secret of the universe: it supports ALL your dreams 100%! it wants NOTHING OTHER THAN for you to be happy! its abundance is INFINITE and to live a happy life is your BIRTHRIGHT!

now i’m gonna go meditate on remembering my inner innocence. i believe everyone was once a kid and i don’t believe you can ‘lose’ it! it’s just clouded by ego! i believe with deeper inner searching you’ll always be able to find that innocence and radiate it, to bring love and joy to people around you. imagine if everyone does that — how beautiful our world must be!

thank you, innocent boy that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, for the reminder of the importance of joy in its purest form, especially in times like this! you’re stronger than most adults that i come across, simply because your open heart contains no fear! everyone that you ever come across is the universe showing you wisdom, establishing enlightenment, joy and strength back into your inner space.

me loves u, have a nice day!

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