what to do when jokes are offensive

most of us already know that the internet is a crazy place. you could literally come across anything (and even horrible and distasteful things that will scar your mind for a long time if you’re not careful). the good thing is, you are in full control over what content you choose to endorse. for example, if you’ve randomly landed on a youtuber who swears 258 and make mean jokes on the less fortunate, the disabled, the LGBTQ community, Asian people, people who are overweight etc etc (i’ve literally came across a channel like that) you can choose to leave immediately.

a common mistake is for people to keep arguing with them. what are you hoping to achieve? you can’t change a person in just one or two conversations! unless the meteoroids hit the rooftop of their houses, your convos will not have the impact needed to knock themselves out of being big douches (not saying your words are weak. i’m saying, the douches’ subconscious minds are programmed to be douches. and for them to change, it will take a long long time to reprogram. one conversation would not even make a dent for them to realize what a joke that they actually are. and you never know, some people just enjoy being douches, and they’re surrounded by douches that look up to them, so they’re fine where they are and it’s not our job to change them after all).

this is not a blog about why they became the way they are. not gonna bring the sympathy stuff into this like ‘oh they’ve been through a lot and they are insecure themselves and they’re hurting too so we gotta understand them blah blah blah’.. nah! if someone punched your mom in the face, u be standing there logically analyzing the childhood pain they’re going through? ‘oh they had a bad childhood, their parents were violent toward them, therefore they’re mean to my mom. or maybe they just had a bad day, they just needed a hug’.. bruh! nah-uh! they still punched ur mom! wut? u gon give the bad guys a lollipop for punching your mom? NAH-UH!!!

what i’m getting at is that when someone said something that hurt you, THEY HURT YOU, ok? their pea brains are prolly too dehydrated to understand why their words have hurt you the first place, and they will definitely NOT have the integrity to apologize and own up to their actions, and in extreme cases, they HURT YOU ON PURPOSE coz they’re mean douches! so they will try and do EVERYTHING to justify their wrong doings! they will be using the old excuse ‘oh it’s just a joke’ to get away with it (it’s just matter of time when one of the pranksters on youtube using that excuse to get away with murder. nah, jk, that’s too extreme). ALSO, if they’re REALLY LOW, they will try and do EVERYTHING to make YOU look like the bad guy (and this is called ‘gaslighting’, it’s a strategy used by every sociopath) — ‘hey calm down, you’re overreacting over a little joke. nobody is targeting on you. everyone’s happy here but you. why you gotta be like that? you’re no fun! hey, stop that! you’re just being mean now’! *AAANNNND, stirs up a big mob against you for being ‘no fun’*. makes you question your own integrity and what you believe in — ‘omg am i really the odd one out? am i really no fun? omg i better be a douche just like them to fit in’. yeah, right 🤨☹️🙄

sounds familiar? good thing is, you can get away from situations like that! the less you say the better the situation is! u know, this is EXACTLY why when jesus was trialed, he just sat there and played Tetris on his good ol’ Nokia phone without responding to any of the BS and false accusations made by the douches around him! the less you say, the less chance u give those basic people to twist your words and turn them against yourself!

ok now that you’ve mastered the first step of getting out of the situation, here’s what you need to take out of this diary entry even if you’ve forgotten about everything else: REMEMBER, no matter WHAT those douches say, they do NOT define who YOU are! you’re in full control of your life and you know yourself better than ANYONE else! i want you to remember that you’re a beautiful human being and that your emotions, ALL OF THEM, are valid! VALID!!! EVEN WHEN YOU’RE HAVING A BAD DAY!!! EVEN ON THE TIME OF THE MONTH! even when they try to make YOU sound like the bad guy, no matter HOW they try to make you feel like you’re the one ‘overreacting’, YOU ARE NOT! they do NOT know what you’ve been through! they do NOT know what made you who you are today! they dunno the pain you’ve gone through and if they refuse to offer any understanding at all, they’re dangerous people to be surrounded by! they will drain your energy and either turn you into a low-life douche just like them or keep you feeling depressed with self-pity. the truth is, they peeled open your scars and your VALID emotions NATURALLY gone out, and they’re in NO position to continue on judging you, making you feel like less a person than you truly are!

love yourself, turn around, don’t argue with them, not worth it. keep talking to them is just gonna make you feel worse. the world is big and there are infinite possibilities to explore. use your energy in things that make you happy 😊

ok here’s an extra paragraph: for me, it’s always been easy to ignore random ignorant people on the internet. but when you became friends, either IRL or online, to some extent, they know you. they know what you like and they also know very well what to say that could upset you. if they keep saying things to upset you, then they’re doing it ON PURPOSE, then they’re DEFINITELY douches! THEY CHOSE TO HURT YOU! THEY CHOSE TO GET YOU UPSET AS A RESPONSE! THEY ENTERTAIN UPON YOUR PAIN!!! THEY FEED ON YOUR SADNESS AND DISTRESS!!! THEY’RE NOT SIMPLE DOUCHES, THEY’RE PSYCHOPATHS!!! GET AWAY! GET AWAY! GET AWAY!!! that’s my only and final advice. they’re not sensible people, don’t ever talk to them again, for your own mental health’s sake! if you don’t run and just sit there thinking ‘oh if i give that douche a few more chances and wait it out, maybe they’ll change and maybe they’ll see who i truly am and they’ll finally respect me. coz they’re my friends and my integrity need validation from them. i need to prove that i’m a good person to them’ WRONG! NAH-UH!!! BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAHP! TURN AROUND NOW! RUNNNNNNNN when u still can!!!!!!!!!!!! PROVING THAT YOU’RE AN AMAZING OPERA SINGER TO A BIG OSTRICH? OR PROVING YOU’RE A TOP-NOTCH ARTIST TO A PILE OF DOG POOP? NAH-UH! WASTE OF TIME!!! SOME PEOPLE WILL NEVER APPRECIATE BEAUTY AND GOOD VALUES!

in conclusion, this diary entry loves you very much. ur a beautiful person and u deserve better friends. the moment u step out of this toxic environment that you’re in, is the moment your whole world opens up to new possibilities and like-minded friends who will truly respect and appreciate you for who you are, the people who you can be fully yourself around without getting judged, the people who can see the true beauty that you radiate. a beautiful rose failed to grow into the beauty that she potentially have — NOT HER FAULT! the environment is TOXIC! so move on to better soils that aids in your growth and every aspect of your life! and shine and radiate your true inner values and beauty!!! trust me. trust the universe that it will always have your back whenever you’re taking a big leap into the unknown, for a positive change in your life! you are strong, brave and courageous, and i am very honored that you’ve read my blog. everything will be just fine, you have my blessings 🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖

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