protect your integrity

and establish authority!

this is not a diary entry about ‘how’ to do all that, it is telling y’all, WAKE UP AND DO IT NOW!!!

ok, as per usual, i’ll get straight into the topic without chitchat. the Bible preaches ‘do not lie’, my Hindu guru taught me to live and radiate ‘integrity and authenticity’. different wording, same meaning — in order to lead a great life for yourself is to be truthful, both to others and yourself. in order to be true to yourself, you gotta be authentic.

a lot of people find it hard to be authentic because they care too much about others’ judgements on them. the core cause of this problem is because they don’t love themselves enough. when you love yourself more, you can’t help but to radiate authenticity, because then you’ll be completely confident to fully trust in what you say, what you do and how you act.

not being true to yourself, in a way, is lying to yourself. it’s self-destructive, and it won’t help anyone else either.

so how DO we protect our integrity? and why is it necessary, in order to live a happy and successful life?

ok first, here’s the how: next time you take the side of a person or a group that you consider to be having ‘more authority’ than yourself, right before you fully surrender your own opinions to theirs, consciously catch your surrender. ask yourself ‘why am i agreeing to them? am i nodding because i feel i’m inferior comparing to them? am i tryna please them to get something out of this for myself?’ if you answered ‘yes’ at all, it means you’ve lost your integrity to them. SAD! if you keep doing that, people would start to think that you have no opinions at all! nobody will EVER take you seriously! and when you get comfy being this way, you will eventually lose yourself! you won’t even know what you really want in life anymore. you’ll end up doing EVERYTHING to please others, eventually you will forget what YOU believe in, you will forget what makes YOU happy, you’ll completely lose focus on your goals, and you will never succeed.

in the anime, Spirited Away, the MOST important thing for the protagonist was for her to remember her name. ‘her name’ was just a metaphor for her own integrity — NEVER forget who you are no matter how hard it is your living environment makes it. even in workplaces, having integrity, establish your own authority in front of ‘the authority’ earns you tons of respect. i find it much better to just communicate with people how you truly feel, whether it be at home or at workplaces. set boundaries (as a none-aggressive way to establish your authority), tell people early on what you like and what you don’t like, what you would do and what you would NEVER do no matter what, just because it’s outside the boundaries you set (for example, if i ever have to work at a 9 to 5 place, because i’m vegan, i will establish authority to what i eat and who i eat with. and i would NOT take side quests that are against what i believe in — say, i would NOT sell drugs to kids even if my manager tells me to, even if it risks the fact that i’d lose my job. if the company is THAT shady, i’d RATHER lose my job and get a new one!!!).

protecting your integrity and establishing your authority doesn’t just happen at workplaces. it is also necessary at home (if you live with other people). it’s better just to communicate with them. if you hate certain foods they make, THEN MAKE YOUR OWN FOOD! you don’t have to eat things you don’t believe in! that’s the MOST BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS! that’s the foundation to all your other aspects of life that involves integrity! you can just talk to them like a civilized person. state clearly what you would eat and what you would not eat. if they get upset, doesn’t matter! screw’em and cook your own food. when you cook, you are establishing authority, and people around you will respect you automatically (don’t believe me? just set boundaries and watch how people change their behaviors around you! DO IT).

doesn’t matter what others think or what your living environment is, you are you for a reason. you are the best at being you. nobody can do that for you! so if you refuse to radiate your uniqueness into the world, the world loses a big chunk of revelation of wisdom (and for people with low-self-esteem that don’t get this, that big chunka wisdom is YOU)! and you’re not fulfilling your purpose.

i keep telling my friends: before y’all got outta the factory, y’all are equipped with full user-manual within yourselves — all of y’all come with built-in infinite wisdom. this is why the Eastern philosophies preach meditation and ‘look inwards for answers’. and your core is your integrity. do everything to protect it, no matter what! radiate your own truth, that way you are fulfilling your life’s purpose (or if it’s still not clear to you, be more authentic, it will eventually reveal itself to you. but if you refuse to love/embrace/be yourself, it will NEVER be revealed). that way you help the world in infinite more ways than tryna agree with everyone just to please them.

also, it’s never too young or too old to establish independence. if you don’t protect your integrity, if you don’t establish authority NOW, chances are, you won’t do it during adulthood either. and nobody would ever respect you even when you’re older.

let me tell you a side story (you can turn this blog off now if you’re not interested in case-specific examples): when i was a kid i heard about a scientific research on the radio — i’m not sure if the scientific name was actually ‘little-brother-syndrome’, but from that you prolly already get the idea. for all the people with older siblings that you’ve met in your life, aren’t they all acting ‘younger’, or, say, ‘less mature’, than their older siblings? even when they’re at their sibling’s older age, they never act more mature (i.e. they never establish higher authority) than them, aye? yeah bruh that’s what ‘little-brother-syndrome’ is all about! from this case study we can see that people are so conditioned by their environment that they completely lose integrity, thus, never establish any authority.

and of course this only applies to most people. the very few enlightened people like me, or people who are conscious, would lead a different life and behave differently. but because i’ve shared this information with all of y’all, you can be conscious about it starting today! protect your integrity! ask yourself what do YOU want. i never consider putting yourself first as ‘selfish’. i believe the world would become a better place INSTANTLY if everyone just looked after THEMSELVES first! if you kept sacrificing what makes yourself comfortable for basic/negative people, you’ll eventually drain yourself out. reason? simple: negative people have already made up their minds to never ever listen to you. they are NOT willing to change, AT ALL! they think your ‘help’ to them is a nuisance. so you lose integrity tryna please them and ‘help’ them, in the end your energy is so scattered and wasted, and your integrity is completely lost, your energy will be depleted. some people would even go into depression, which is really really really unfortunate 😔 (i feel u bruh 🥺 i was exactly like that before i got enlightened).

never fear for being yourself! never fear ‘what if i say something ‘wrong’ and upset people’! chances are, the more people you upset, the better! because that’ll filter out people that don’t vibe with you to begin with! it’s better to get rid of them earlier than later, so you can have true friends that never judge you, friends that will stick to you to the end, friends that truly are like-minded people that support you no matter what!

i’d rather say things some people ABSOLUTELY HATE, than to sacrifice my integrity just to please a small handful of people that NEVER WILL VIBE WITH ME ANYWAY! life is an experiment. don’t let your fear hold you back from being who you truly are! you might never know what consequences your certain actions may cause, BECAUSE THAT’S THE BEAUTY ABOUT LIFE! life is worth living BECAUSE the future is unknown! life is interesting BECAUSE everything is random! you can’t control everything. i find it much more interesting just to live life than to hold back and not do anything, just coz of the fear of ‘making mistakes’. if every step of the future is known, if life is not random, if you know EXACTLY what’s going to happen next, if you have COMPLETE control over others’ reactions toward you, THEN LIFE IS NOT A FUN MOVIE ANYMORE, IT BECOMES CONSTANT SPOILER ALERTS! everything is fun because life is an experiment, and i’d rather make a ton of mistakes than to hold myself back from taking actions, from living life at all!

be more like me! be da boss in life! protect your integrity! be yourself! be authentic and establish your own authority!

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