don’t hang with people you don’t vibe with

you could come across people that you don’t (or no longer) vibe with anywhere — at home, at school, at work, on the internet.. they could be people that are very judgmental toward you, or people that don’t believe in what you believe in (politically or spiritually), or simply just basic people. you could come across them literally anywhere. good news: you don’t have to spend time with them! let me put it this way: WHY TF ARE YOU STILL HANGING WITH THEM?!!

oh no no, the blog isn’t over (yet). let me elaborate with my own experiences:
i don’t vibe with my crusty dad. i have put up with him trashing my life for at least 10 years now. it’s so unfortunate that i didn’t realize this earlier, but i would say the same even if i realize this 5 years ago. so, in a way, it’s never too late to realize that somebody in your life doesn’t vibe with you (anymore).

he’s the most exaggerated example for people that we don’t vibe with, therefore, my experience dealing with him is the best example for this diary entry. so let’s get straight into it: up until a few years ago i’ve always had low self-esteem, so whenever he treated me like trash, i didn’t question it. i thought ‘oh i prolly deserves it’ coz i believed that i was trash anyway. after a while of constant daily verbal insults and abuses, i started to notice that he treated his friends EXACTLY the same way, sometimes even WORSE! he would YELL at them ‘you DUMB SWINE!!!’ on the streets and the echo goes all over town! imagine how devastated his friends musta felt 😔 but i still took his side and was manipulated into believing in his lies that all his friends are ‘dumb MFS’.. 😔 THE SHAME! THEEEEE SHAAAAAMMMME!!! (ok i’m calm)..

this dude (referring to my crusty ‘dad’) LOVES embarrassing people in public! he LOVES yelling at me at grocery stores:’HEY LAZY CNUT! MOVE YA A**!!! DON’T JUST STAND THERE!!! HELP ME PUT THESE IN THE BAGS!!!’ i constantly do my best and he’s NEVER satisfied! NOW i realized he just enjoys yelling at people in public to make his tiny cukk feel bigger. it was NEVER my fault!

so here’s what woke me up and started ‘protesting’: one of his ‘dumb’ friends volunteered to help me transport back a big bike that i bought from the store (because he had a huge van). we vibed so well we did other things together after that as well. went to my fave Korean toy/stationary store and he bought a teddy plushie for me. on our way back we chatted about life and everything — OMG THAT DUDE IS INTELLIGENT AND VERY WELL EDUCATED!!! the same dude bearing the name ‘just another dumb mofo’ by my crusty ‘dad’! on our way back, during the ride on dude’s van, i SNAPPED! i realized it’s never us that’s dumb! it’s my crusty dad who’s the real problem! i thought, if he could label such a generous, intelligent and well-mannered, well-educated person as ‘a dumb mofo’, he might be wrong about me too. i thought maybe, just maybe, i wasn’t a dumb mofo either.

all the pieces of the puzzle started to come together: i remember one time Crusty (short for ‘my crusty ‘dad”) told me how ‘annoying’ this friend was:’ he’s not even a real man! one time i stood him up, he wouldn’t talk to me again in a whole week!’ well Crusty, THAT’S COZ YOU STOOD HIM UP! Crusty has no common sense! he literally expects others to still treat him with total respect even when he does something wrong first! that ego is OUT OF OUR GALAXY!

another time he told me, again, how annoying this friend was:’ i called him a buncha names, told him the truth about how freaken dumb he really is, and HE GOT UPSET! WHAT A GIRL! he literally just walked away from me!!!’ well LUCKY YOU THAT HE’S SO WELL-MANNERED THAT HE JUST ‘WALKED AWAY’, coz if it’s ANYONE else who has ANY less patience and endurance, i can guarantee ya, it’s not just ‘walking away’!!! so this time i started ‘protesting’ and told him how i really felt:’ no, Crusty, your friend is a lovely person. stop insulting him, i don’t wanna hear about it anymore.’ Crusty was so upset his eyeballs shone laser beams and he swore non-stop for a whole hour 😱

Crusty absolutely LOVES insulting people and putting people down by every means possible. interacting with him brings the absolute WORST in people. he loves complaining, especially about his friends for being ‘mean’. the irony is that he’s ALWAYS the one starting a fight. i used to believe that i had mood swings and he kept telling me i had anger issues and needed to see a psychiatrist. i did.. and was diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety disorders (thanks to him), but nothing about anger issues. conversations with Crusty has made me experience emotions i never know i had (max-level of anger, frustration, shame, self-pity, self-hatred, hatred on everything).. and he would blame me for his own issues. he would put ‘spells’ on me such as:’ you will NEVER have friends!!! look at yourself! NOBODY wants to talk to angry cnuts like you! give up!!! and STFU!!! pathetic piece of shet, you’re just like your mom!’ (mind u, they were split, and he blamed it all on my mom).

year after year, i got sick. my heart’s health went complete bamboozled — just a couple of years ago it was so bad i was having 2000+ irregular beats per day! i would have those episodes most days of a month. i had difficulty breathing. my anxiety went over the roof. at the time i was too sick to walk or take public transport, so i relied on his car to go to university or to see my doctors (he ‘helped’ me out because he lives in my house, freeloading for all these 10 years). on the trip when i get a panic attack (due to the fact that he complained about his friends, family members, or the society too much to the point i couldn’t take any more of his negativity) he would YELL at me instead of tryna comfort me:’ YOU WEAK CNUT!!! ANXIETY DOESN’T EXIST!!! GET OVER YOURSELF!!! YOU JUST LOVE DRAMA!!! LOOK AT HOW PATHETIC YOU ARE!!! STOP ACTING LIKE A CRAZY IDIOT!!!’ every time when that happens, my body simply couldn’t cope, i literally thought i was gonna die..

then he brought his girlfriend into MY HOUSE!!! she and him insulted me TOGETHER!!! one time i was so mad i told her to fxxx off. we had a huge fight while he was outside. when he came back he saw that woman crying and yelled at me:’WHY YOU BULLY MY HIGHLY VALUED GUEST?!!! DON’T YOU KNOW SHE CAME ALL THE WAY FROM (insert random asian country. i don’t wanna disclose it for privacy and courtesy reasons)?!!! YOU CRAZY CNUT! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SKIP YOUR PSYCHIATRIST APPOINTMENTS!!!’

so i thought ok that’s it! you trash my house, trash my self-esteem, ima either ‘quit the game’ (as one of my friends would put it), or ima do something ‘YOLO’. and as a strong and independent person, i did something totally YOLO. i packed my bags and went living with my grandma overseas for a year. that year healed me! i came back stronger mentally and physically. i started recovering, despite the fact there are some health setbacks being surrounded by his negativity again. but at least i know what to do and how to deal with him now.

i realized i’ve paid for his phone bills and wifi and electricity and water and gas all these 10 years of abuse.. so first thing i did this year was cancelling the wifi. OH BOY THE DAY I CANCELLED THE WIFI HE WAS PIXXED!!! he went into murder-mode and slammed doors ALL DAY!!! now he can’t listen to negative broadcast anymore. how pathetic. he wouldn’t even pay for it himself! we’re without wifi for a week now and even though he can’t live without it, HE’S NOT PAYING FOR IT HIMSELF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i’m ok, i have MORE THAN ENOUGH mobile data! and i’ve decided NEVER to support ANYONE that steps all over me EVER AGAIN!!! if you don’t set boundaries, people will take limitless levels of advantage of you.

another thing that i do now that’s really helpful in coping: i stopped talking to him COMPLETELY. and i go out everyday to the parks and gardens. because of corona i can’t go overseas yet, but the parks and ocean fronts are enough to heal me and keep my mind calm and tranquil. and guess what, i’ve not been angry since i started doing all these things ☺️ turned out i was right — it WAS him all along who brought the worst in people! i just realized that i am a very calm and generous and compassionate person ☺️💖 i ABSOLUTELY LOVE myself!

guys, this diary entry might be a bit more intense than my other ones. i’m grateful that you’ve made it to the end lol.. the point is: if you feel trapped or if you feel like a burden to another person, DON’T! YOU’RE NOT! you NEVER had to prove your value to basic people — simply because they’re BASIC! basic people have made up their minds about never to listen to (let alone respect) you! so it doesn’t matter WHAT you do, they’re not gonna tone down their ego! it’s NEVER your problem to begin with! please protect your own energy and look after yourself first. you’re a beautiful person, please never stop believing! and there’s always solutions! you have my blessings! stay powerful! AND NEVER GIVE UP! put your own emotions first! look after yourself first! if people are messing with you, walk away! avoid them! they’re not yours to fix! i know you’re compassionate enough to try to raise their frequency, tryna help them.. let me tell you: it will NEVER EVER FE FI FO TEVER work! it’ll just drain yourself out! you coulda spent all that good good energy helping millions other people who do wanna be better people right now! so, let go of basic people! they are not worth it! and some other ones’ frequencies are so low that you simply can’t bring them back to your own path! they’re on their own path, they have their own lessons to learn by themselves, not your job to look after them. stay away, stop spending time with them!

the universe loves you so so so so so much and will always provide a way out whenever you need! trust me! trust the universe! love is all there is, may Unconditional Love be with you and guides you through your difficult times!

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