dimming your light to fit in? what for?

and most importantly, WHOM FOR?!!

oh hi guys, me here again. i was chatting with my friend today who is a deep thinker. chatting with them always draws out a few pieces of wisdom which i can share with the world in order to help more people 🥺☺️

the first time i heard about the notion of ‘dimming your light’ is from the author Rebecca Campbell. the way her work communicates with people is just so beautiful. i’ve noticed actually loadsa beautiful people dim their lights just to fit into a crusty crowd.. it’s just so unfortunate😔🤧

people that dim their light to fit in are usually people that are worried about being judged by others (reasons: 1. they are more spiritually evolved, i.e. their consciousness is on a higher-than-average-level. these people are usually light-workers, and are quite artistic. 2. they’re very intelligent and unique. they don’t follow trends simply because some trends are too basic to excite them. they feel judged and they feel like they’re the odd ones out. some even feel like they’re doing something wrong by not being the same as all the basic people around them). so instead of shining their torches, leading the way for creating a better world, as a true leader they were born to be, many of them stress out about unable to fit in and many others fall into depression or other serious anxiety problems. FEAR NO MORE! because this blog is dedicated just for you!

i always look on the bright side of everything. i always believe the best in people. however, not everyone is on the same conscious level (or on the same stage of spiritual evolution). loadsa people (pretty much most people around you, including, but not limited to, your family members, your teachers, your colleagues and your friends. some of them are even the people that you trust the most) will feel intimidated if you’re smarter or more successful than them (do not blame them, for their conscious thinking pattern did not come from an education system of an enlightened source), therefore, they would do anything to put you down. basic people do NOT enjoy hanging with people that are better than them! their ego and insecurity only allow them to be the boss of a group of minions (and they sure do NOT want to lose their minions).

now that you know their agenda, DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR TRAPS! maintain your own truth! protect your own integrity! basic people are not worthy of your time! dimming your light to fit into an environment of people that wish to drag you down is never a good idea — it will not help with the human conscious evolution, and it definitely isn’t good for your own mental and emotional health. try and surround yourself with like-minded people who understand and appreciate you instead! you’ll find them if you just looked for them!

how to protect your own integrity while surrounded by a handful of basic people? by establishing boundaries and authority. hold a strong and powerful inner space! claim your power back from them (from the same route you lost it to them)! love yourself, be kind and generous to yourself first! give credits to the things that you believe in, and the things that you do! reason? well, loving yourself is a job only you can do for yourself. nobody else can do that for you. and if you don’t love yourself, you probably won’t trust yourself. and if you don’t trust yourself, you probably won’t give credits to what you believe in. and it will make you doubt about what you do. if that’s the case, you will be left completely perplexed. when you don’t believe in what you do, you radiate the vibes of timidness and hesitation, and people around you can subconsciously pick that up. if you don’t even believe in yourself, don’t expect other people will. if you radiate the confusion vibe, nobody will appreciate or respect the things that you believe in. this phenomenon makes things worse for a lot of you guys, because you constantly feel judged for being a bit different, and for not being able to fit in.


throw a glow stick into a pit of mud at night — IT STILL GLOWS!!! throw a big block of gold into dirty water — IT STILL SHINES!!! because these things are radiating in FULL INTEGRITY no matter WHAT the environmental condition is! be like them! just be yourself! just shine! when you follow your heart and shine your truth, everyone MUST respect you! coz i’ve NOT seen a single person that disrespects or devalues gold! the ONLY reason people judge and disrespect you IS because you dim your light tryna fit into a lower frequency! so u gave people no reason to respect u or believe in anything that u do. protect your integrity, radiate your truth, NOW!

be the torch bearer and lead by example, because that’s what you’re here for! it’s the whole reason why you don’t fit in! because YOU NEVER HAD TO FIT IN! in other words, YOU’RE NOT DESIGNED TO FIT IN! you didn’t come here to fit in, in contrary, you came here to CHANGE THE WORLD!

i love joey graceffa’s songs, one of them has the lyrics that goes: ‘don’t wait for the world to be ready, find what you’re looking for’. HE NAILED IT! if you love a weird genre of music, PURSUE IT ANYWAY! if your drawings are unique, MAKE MORE OF THEM! if you’re on a spiritual path which nobody around you understands, WELL, SCREW’EM! JUST BE YOURSELF AND GET ON THAT PATH ANYWAY! because when you follow your heart (some call it ur intuition, some others call it ur gut feelings) YOU’LL NEVER GO WRONG! and you will start to attract like-minded people along the way — people that do vibe with u, people that do understand and appreciate you — the true friends for life!

people come to me be like ‘yo bro why is my life messed up’, because of your own CONFUSION! and what causes confusion? the fact that you care too much about what OTHERS think! you give power to them and you lose your own authority and integrity. you know EXACTLY what’s the right thing to do and that it would make you happy if you do it, but you sacrifice your own truth for BASIC PEOPLE’S MERE OPINIONS. and here’s the only reason why you’re confused — because you don’t love yourself enough to protect your integrity. as a consequence, you’re feeling too powerless to follow your heart.

the legends and pioneers didn’t wait for others to have done something so they could follow. THEY LED! the ONLY reason that they’re legends IS because they did something that NOBODY ELSE has done before. if every one of them waited for the world to be ready, and listened to the pessimism from their basic friends, there will be NO cars, or planes, or mobile phones, or computers, or spacecrafts, etc etc, the list goes on.. ABSOLUTELY NONE!!!! NOT EVEN THE ELECTRICITY THAT YOU’RE USING IN ORDER TO READ THIS BLOG!!! ZERO! ACTUALLY, NOT EVEN BLOGS! and if i don’t believe in what i say, I WOULDN’T EVEN BE HERE WRITING THIS!

if you don’t fit in, good news — you’re a born leader! NEVER wait for the world to be ready, and NEVER EVER dim your light to fit in! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! TRUST THAT THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK! SHINE! LEAD! LIGHT YOUR TORCH AND MARCH FORWARD! NOW!

here’s a dope video from Dr. Bruce Lipton:

and here’s joey’s song that i was talking about:

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