if god is good why is there evil

hey guys vassup! good news! i’ve finally figured this difficult question out! 
i know god very well, on a personal level (please don’t ask how or why, it helps me stay humble and focused on helping people), therefore, for evil to exist in a world that is created by unconditional love is what i call, ‘a glitch in the universe’. i’m very glad to announce that, through meditation and being supported by the most loving and powerful spirits and people, my mindset and consciousness have shifted to the best place it has ever been, and i’ve successfully figured out what caused the ‘glitch’ in the universe. 

ok here goes: amongst all the dimensions, as a foundation part of an inevitable building block for higher dimensions, this 3rd dimension is the densest, with loadsa rules and laws (just to make sure that the foundation of the whole multidimensional multiverse has a strong, stable and reliable foundation). btw for the people that didn’t know, there are loadsa dimensions above our one (i’m talking about the ones some of you haven’t seen with the physical eyes yet. u experience some of them all the time but u prolly just dunno. won’t have time to explain what each of them are in this particular blog though). 

as part of our 3D world’s nature, there’s duality and polarity (physics bruh). where there’s black, there’s white. where there’s north pole, there exists a south pole. none of them is a ‘bad’ one, they simply objectively just exist, just sitting there, simply doing their job to keep the balance of nature.

unfortunately, when the polarity phenomenon is translated onto an emotional level (which prolly shoulda never been done this way), we get something like this: where there’s love, there’s hate (even though ‘hatred’ has been proven even by SCIENCE as just a distorted version of love, in other words, the source of ‘hatred’ is love. it’s just an illusion or even just a man-made concept). as a consequence of that: where there’s blissfulness, there’s ‘suffering’. 
however, it’s never god’s intention for you to tap into the illusional emotional pool of sadness, fear, hatred, and thus, suffering. because, just as where there’s day, there must be night; where there’s a crest of a wave, there must be a trough etc etc — this world is very musical, very rhythmic and well balanced — to be a qualified balanced and stable foundation for higher dimensions to be built upon. 

god never intended for anyone to polarize unconditional love — but as humans have adapted for so many generations on earth, we became too accustomed to the polarity and duality nature of the 3D world, we’ve acquired the lower-than-instinct ‘skill’ of tryna rationalize everything using the thought patterns generated from our adapted duality-mindset (partially due to passively being influenced by the natural laws of this 3D world, and partially due to our logical-analysis). and as we try to rationalize love with hatred. as we try to conceptualize love as anything else, we get backlashes, ie that’s how suffering begins to happen from within.

the concept of a polar-opposite version of unconditional love is created as a shadow or as an illusion — it’s for when love enters most people’s minds, it gets translated into two polarized concepts — conditional love and simply hate.

HOWEVER, just like i said, god never intended for anyone to tap their attentions into those illusions and live in the cages of the shadows. these shadows were never meant to be felt or dwelled upon or for anyone to spend their whole lives living in those shadows as ‘truths’. as a consequence, people will physically and mentally feel the backlash of doing things against the true essence of life, which is unconditional love (aka, the cosmic truth: love yourself and love everyone & everything, and don’t cause violence). this is why there’s suffering in the world.

still don’t understand that humans’ own fear caused themselves nasty feelings and suffering? ok, think of this: your childhood was happy because u never thought about nasty things back then. the world didn’t change, and is prolly even a better place today, but because of your innocent lightheartedness and your pure focus on having fun, you didn’t suffer and you did just fine. also, the earth did just fine without humans for many many many eons before humans even turned up here with their man-made concepts and everything. yeah bruh, nature doesn’t even support suffering. it doesn’t even CARE about what we think or what we believe in (significance: it is what we believe in that harm us the most and cause the most suffering for ourselves). nature did just fine without us, lol.. (and surely, it will do just fine without us again, if we ever move on and start living on other planets).

bonus paragraph on one of the secrets of the universe:
you might or might not have noticed that in both the bible and the ancient chinese Creation Story, both mentioned how god created heaven and earth, but none of them mentioned the creation of hell wheresoever! the reason for that is simple: god would never create something so basic. rather than a solid existence like heaven, earth, unconditional love, ‘hell’ is a mere concept manifested by humans’ own fears.

bonus paragraph — good news for all of u:
this is great news, this knowledge shall remove most of your fears ☺️
notice this: if there’s shadow, there must be light to exist in the first place to cast it at all. therefore, even ‘evil’ is a mere concept, coz what appears to be the shadows, the ‘bad’ people and things in the world, originally came from light. whatever they do that you find as ‘shady’, has light behind the ‘shady’ stuff that they do. in other words, their hearts still come from light. and at some point in their lives, if not right now, they believe in what they do to be ‘good’ (even though it’s just self-serving), it is our ego and our unwillingness to open up that labeled them as ‘evil’.
remember this: god is holy, god is clean, god is kindness and unconditional love, he would never create unholy things or people. fear not, for only love and light is real and everything else is just as intangible as shadows are — they’re illusions. don’t live by those concepts. don’t let them get to your heads and mess yourselves up. the universe only supports unconditional love and the light of truth, so when you turn your heart around, your whole reality turns around with you, for you. when you put all your focus on being grateful everyday, on eating well, exercising well, focusing your mind only on the good things that are happening around you and all over the world, you will set yourself free, and all the bad things will simply leave you alone and cease to happen.

if u have any questions at all u can just ask. thanks so much for reading! 

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