Defeat Anxiety — Methods That WORK

ok guys i think it’s time for me to share how i’ve successfully dealt with and defeated my own intense anxiety problems (focusing on dealing with panic attacks in this blog). without chit chatting and lamenting on my life’s stories i just wanna get STRAIGHT into how i’ve gotten rid of it — the things i did and the lifestyle changes i’ve made and just general tips. 
here’s what i did that helped:
i used to have panic attacks 258 and it’d even wake me up during my sleeps.. it was so bad i couldn’t go out anymore. i’m completely free from those now, so here are some tips for people to combat Panic Attacks (note: these methods work for general anxiety episodes too! find your favorite ones and give them a try!):

  • eat less per meal. and if your body needs more food for active days, have smaller but more regular meals. i would have super light meals (which sometimes consists of only a banana and some almond milk), but on big days i’d just eat more often (sometimes i’d break 1 meal into 2 and have up to 5 meals a day lol.. more like casual snacking. well u gotta do what helps). i realized that whenever i eat too much per meal i get a sense of despair.. prolly because my heart beats faster and my body mistakes it for ‘having a panic attack’ (coz the feeling is super similar), and when my brain has less brain (coz it’s all in the stomach tryna digest all ze food), you feel weaker (which is also a symptom from panic attacks). so yeah, avoid large meals helped me BIG TIME. 
  • conscious breathing. when your body is building up to a panic attack, right before it happens, you would usually sense it. so take conscious long, slow and deep breathings while it’s still just at the building-up stage. it’ll take your mind off BIG TIME. don’t just take deep breathings and end up hyper-ventilating lol.. make it slow! one method i got from my university counsellor (ages ago when i still needed one, lovely lovely person doe) is that you slowly breath in, hold your breath for 5 seconds, and slowly breath out. there are loadsa other Hindu prana methods that u can also try as well. just make sure what u read are from authentic sources. anyway, it’s important to find a method that works for YOU best, coz everyone is unique in an awesome way. why breathing works? well, first of all, when you pay attention to your breathing (which u don’t usually do otherwise, because it’s not required), it’ll distract your attention big time. you’ll be so focused that you’ll forget you’re getting a panic attack. second of all, it’ll boost your blood oxygen level, which helps BIG TIME in dealing with things like panic attacks. 
  • count your finger joints. i invented this method while during the most panic-attack inducing situations. i was so freaked out i had to do things to distract myself badly and urgently otherwise i might pass out.. so randomly i picked up my left hand (with my right hand of course, lel) and started counting ze knobs (i mean joints) on it! starting from the root joint on my left pinkie, moving up one joint at a time, one finger at a time from left to right, ends with the top joint on my thumb (btw that’s when i got obsessed by the fact that we actually have 3 joints on a thumb lol). here’s how i do it: i rub/massage (lightly) on each ‘knob’ using the opposite hand. and on every knob, i’d say a self-affirmation such as ‘i am strong’, or ‘i am healthy’, or ‘i am blessed by the universe’, or ‘i am blissful’, or ‘i am relaxed’, or ‘i am the happiest unicorn in the universe’ etc etc.. you can totally create your own doe! BUT, just remember, NEVER include anything that involves negative words such as ‘anxiety’ or ‘panic attack’ in your self-affirmation! (for example: ‘i am less anxious now’, or ‘go away, panic attacks’). the reason for that is we gotta focus on what we do want instead of attracting the energy of what we don’t want (even mentioning the words in a protest will attract those energy, since the words are recited). and yeah when i finish the left hand i move on to the right. a year after i’ve invented this, it blew my mind that this joint-counting method was an ancient prayer-counting methods in ancient muslim civilizations. guessing i’m not the original inventor after all lol.. but it also validates what those gurus kept on telling us: we are already equipped with infinite wisdom within us. when we look inside we’ll find answers to everything — SO TRUE! 💗 
  • slow exercises. when my general health was really bad, my anxiety was worse. so i started doing tai-chi-like slow breathing exercises mixed with slow body movements. it’s called Liu Zi Jue (just google it on youtube, you’ll get tutorials). that stuff helped me big time! for best results, do it everyday! the thing that kept me doing it is that there’s INSTANT results with the first try! after a week you’ll feel a lot better and stronger (and prolly fitter and generally healthier too)! and after a month you’re da boss! and i recommend you move on to exercises that are more demanding, such as Ba Duan Jin (also a tai-chi-like exercise, invented by an ancient kung fu master, which is kinda cool). when you’re dope enough to go out again, do outdoor walking every morning. the fresh air, hazy early sunshine, and friendly morning animals will give you the best good-mornings that you truly deserve! then after your health restores even more (say, in a few months or a year), do yoga. i would only recommend Nithyananda Yoga. i’ve tried commercial yogas and one of them that i found on youtube (which was one of the most viewed yoga video) almost gave me a panic attack lol.. only Nithyananda Yoga is truly relaxing, regenerating and refreshing (keywords to search on youtube are: Nithyananda Yoga for relaxation, for anxiety). 
  • sleep early. when my health was the worst i’ve noticed that my panic attacks would go worse after 9pm. i would NEVER notice that when my health is good. but if you can’t keep a habit of sleeping before 10pm, try as early as possible (i’d say try your best to make it before 12am). we are more prone to getting panic attacks when we’re depleted of energy. so eat well, sleep well really helps! 
  • more fruits and veggies, less meat. i slowly became vegan and i feel awesome! also, i’ve reduced sugar intake (things like candies, ice creams and sodas). i drink more water per day. helped big time! (side story for anyone who care: i had a huge conscious breakthrough during the past few years and now i’m vegan. i feel better than i can ever be in my whole life)!
  • listen to music that are relaxing, such as lo-fi and some slow Hawaiian tunes. 
  • listen to nature’s noises. i used to listen to rain or ocean noises 258 and it helped big time! (nowadays it’s much easier to find those stuffs on youtube compared to when i first started searching for them lol). if u can, go have a walk in nature. sit under a tree or at a picnic spot. watch the river or the ocean. it’s very healing when we reconnect with nature (which modern day humans lack so much of, which is prolly why so many of us have anxiety issues nowadays). 
  • significantly reduce your time spent on social media. social media can intensify your pre-existing anxiety issues. the anticipation you have for waiting on replies (whether good or bad), the fite against keyboard-warriors, getting hate comments on your posts are all too much to handle while you’re recovering from anxiety attacks. using social media is a choice and you gotta prioritize what’s important to you, which is to relax and be blissful. 
  • GET MOVING! as soon as you notice your energy is getting negative and panic attack is building up, get up (don’t stand up too quickly doe, you’ll get lightheaded lol) and get away from where you are. move around. take a little walk out in the nature or just put on some music and dance. chances are, the energy around you were getting stagnate and you could absorb negative energies from the environment. by moving around, good music, or dancing, you simply transmute the old intense stagnate energy into frequencies of uplifting energies. 
  • avoid horror movies or intense documentaries. when i was super sick, i only watched children’s cartoons (like peppa pig etc). you don’t have to, i’m aware of the fact that these shows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, lol 😂 what i’m saying is, things like horror movies, the news and intense documentaries are just not relaxing enough for your healing process. you can knock yourselves out when you recover (if you’re into those things, which i have quit for good and it puts me into such positive mentality), but for now, look after yourself, do things that are relaxing.  

These tips helped me get rid of my panic attacks FOR GOOD! and the beauty is that i’ve came up with them all by myself during the years of suffering! and the even beautier thing is that some of them match exactly with what experts recommended (which i’ve found out later on). you might even come up with solutions yourselves once you turn inward for answers, because it is true that we came into the world with what i call, an instruction booklet lol.. you already have all the wisdom within you. i’ve also cured myself from intense OCD symptoms. i will surely write about that in upcoming blogs! blessings to all of you! stay positive! if i can do it, u can too! you’re awesome! trust the universe that it always have your back, and believe in yourselves that you have infinite wisdom and healing power within you! 

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