Daniel Crossing

Selection (feat. Whitney Daniels)

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Daniel Crossing, Whitney Daniels
Andre Daniels, Whitney Daniels


We wrote Selection after visiting Aushwitz II-Birkenau, the German concentration camp where millions of Jews and political prisoners were jailed and killed. It follows the probable story of a young boy that was "selected" for the gas chambers. I saw this boy’s photograph whilst on the tour. The image of the boy briskly walking, not knowing he was walking to his final resting place, remained with me and a song was borne from it. The repeated lyric, Didn't they have to tell you, echoes into the 21st century as we witness the continual lack of judgment of leaders in positions of responsibility and power.

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Music by Andre Daniels, Lyrics by Andre Daniels, Whitney Daniels Recorded at Heritage Sound Studios, Engineering and Produced by Brendyn "Rusti" Rossouw, Mixing by Dave Langemann. Mastering by Rogan Kelsey. Lead Vocals Andre Daniels, Whitney Daniels Lead and Rhythm guitars Matthew Duminy, Drums Sheldon Yoko, Bass guitar Mike McCaughley Piano Tristan Peel